What is it about? (a glimpse)

The “world” (my setting of SiT) is all about the city of Legacy. It was founded three centuries earlier by the Last Emperor. When someone is called the Last Emperor, you know he can afford to name his city Legacy…

I may write dozens (hundreds!?) of posts about Sit and the city of Legacy, let’s begin by a quick overview of the themes I wish to incorporate.

Urban:  It’s not urban fantasy as most think of it (set in a modern urban landscape with some supernatural involved). It’s definitely about city life, and fighting for a corner of it… Establishing one’s presence in this crowded microcosm. For the moment let’s just say that there’s nine neighborhood ranging from the crowded and multi-ethnic Harlequin to the aristocratic and very-exclusive Enclave.


Fantasy: It’s a setting for D&D 5e but there’s no dungeons… Nor any dragons (except, maybe… oh, I won’t tell now!). There’s magic, even if it’s a far cry from being epic sorcery. There’s lurking things,  monsters hiding in dark corners, beware at night! There’s also aristocratic cane-figthing elves, beholders as police, ghouls on meds, halflings mafiosi and much more!

Guerilla: Streets in turmoil for a reason. It’s chaos everywhere. Uneasy alliances of gangs (there are hundreds of them) soon dissolve in bloody skirmishes and sometimes Sanction approved all-out war. And then fed up citizens make a stand and equally violent vigilantes roams the streets, spilling more blood. Not for the faint of heart.

some friendly neighborhood disagreement

Anachronic and Anti-Vanilla:  The core, sort-of, of SiT was inspired by late middle-age communal Italy but then, mix it with pistols-wielding halflings and hobgoblin drug-dealers sharing the streets of some slums or amidst ancient atlantidesque ruins… Add graffiti, magic-producing tattoos, necromancer pimps and well huh… whatever I think is cool.

Martial Arts: There’ll  also have some kung-fu shit… Because who doesn’t love it? Wait? What? Yes, really. There’s the Stylites atop marble columns, the fearsome Sabretooth Warriors, the combat-inclined  nuns of the Unshackled Lady, the weirdly body-painted Returned Pilgrims and many other schools of accomplished martial artists.

Welcome to Streets in Turmoil!

  1. Terry Pratchett’s Ankh Morporkh is one of the inspirations. To see more: here.

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