The last Emperor (a world-building device)

Posts tagged with “from clay to bricks” will be kind of behind the scene, full DM’s ramblings mode, exposing my ideas and where the heck i’m going with them.

Okay, here’s the thing. SiT is full of weird folks, a diversity of (fantasy) races much like Terry Pratchett’s Ankh-Morpork, only more grim.  I’ll talk about each races sooner or later. For now I just wanted to share an interrogation I had: what could possibly happen when you mix all of it in a single city? Turmoil would seem to be the easy answer.

That’s diversity, in case you wanted to know…

More to the point: Why the fuck are they even together in the first place? That’s where my last emperor device comes into play. He’s all-powerful, he willed it and so it happened (not without huh.. forceful incentives).

I hinted to a kind of redemption attempt in this endeavor (the founding of the city), after being a ruthless war leader, the last emperor would create peace  amongst the conquered, in Legacy.

He tried, nearly succeeded, and at some point he even gave freedom to the citizens. He imposed democracy. He really did.  Then some time later he died (of old age).  And somehow (with the help of many would-be tyrants and brutish thugs), the dream had died too, leaving only turmoil in its place.

A little bit pessimistic, are we not Mr Adams?

Of course for the players’ characters, turmoil only means more opportunities to prove themselves. That’s the whole thing…

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