Auspicious beginnings (the choice of a site)

Atlantide really was Plato’s rpg setting.

To-do list:

  • A friggin map
  • Detailed neighborhoods
  • Special features
  • A whole host of npc’s
  • The gangs, territories and alliances
  • Institutions of the City: police, garnison, city council, etc.
  • A lot more

When the Last Emperor decided to invest all his empire’s ressources in building a grandiose city, he knew he had to choose the right place. Never much of a city-dweller himself, he could however, count on his long experience of city-taking (and razing). He had seen and taken villages, small provincial cities and sprawling capitals you could smell miles before seeing.

He wanted a great city, a lasting legacy, and he had a couple of criteria in mind to achieve it. In order:

  1. Defensiveness: makes sense from a bloodthirsty conqueror’s point of view.
  2. Awe: monuments and surroundings would be something to reflect his glory.
  3. Autonomy: the city should be able to survive on its own with the nearby countryside.
  4. Commerce route: autonomy is good, but trade is better.
  5. Vast: he had a lot of people to put in it.
  6. Hygiene: no points to have a million people together if they all die come the first plague.
That’s not quite it.

He had many possibilities, the lands he controlled were much extended and he could simply build on a previous city he had razed. The most successful  cities always had a good choice of site to start of, and he had taken quite a few thriving ones.

In the end it was a dream that did it, it is said. The Last Emperor dreamt of the site and he sent agents all over to find out if such a place really existed. An elf scout found it three years later,.Aomreyn the Finder she was named from this moment.

Some says it is the City that chose the Last Emperor and not the other way around. Others says it was an elven scheme all along (the elves were losing the war against the Last Emperor).

The site is inland, 150 miles from the Dead Sea (fictional, not the salty historical one), in a fertile valley somewhat ensconced in the eastern part of the Whitered Mountains. It showed ancient ruins already: some sligthly worn pyramidal buildings, three  dry canals (the river alimenting them had moved away with time), a surprisingly intact and high wall and, a bit outside, the aptly named Tower of Skulls (more on it another time).

Holy shit! That’s a real thing in Serbia.

It was known only later that the ruins dated more that 20 000 years old and should have been swept over by the passage of time.  The First Dwellers themselves, those who have built the forgotten city, told the truth about it, when they awoke…

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