Class variant: Watchman – and a word of welcome

Edit (2022-11-11):


So you’ve stumbled upon my humble blog and maybe you’ve decided to see what I had to say at the beginning of it? You’re that kind of crazy person?! We have something in common, I do that all the time!

But, well, this post is hardly the first I wrote. I’ve erased a a bunch of them that were becoming irrelevant to what I’m doing now. And I hadn’t bothered to make a presentation post in the first place. The reason is that I’ve always considered this blog (and still does) as primarily a place to dump my rpg-related ideas and my play reports, something that is of used for myself in the first place. But you know, I do appreciate the (few) comments it gets. It’s both flattering and motivating to have some attention, of course.

So a few points about this blog:

  • the name of the site, Streetsinturmoil, had meaning for what I had in mind when I started this in 2016, and the post (below) gives an idea of it. It’s no longer relevant but here it is.
  • it’s a bilingual blog, I like to practice my English as I’m not an English-using person in real life as it often shows in my writing too. Nowadays I write my play reports and campaign updates in French so that my players can read it with ease. If you like to read play reports (some people do!) I’ve added a google translate widget (top-right) to read it easily in whatever language you prefer.
  • I like to believe that I’m a well-read person with wide-ranging interests and I think many of my sources of inspiration that I like to use to enhance my games, are not the usual gamey stuff. I think there’s value in that but of course your mileage can vary.

Feel free to comment or refer your own stuff!

David Lector


On ruthless streets, on by-ways sad with sin,
(Half-hated by the blinded ones you guard)
Guard well, lest crime unheeded enter in!
The dark is cruel and the vigil hard.
The hours of guilt begin.
To all, alert and faithful in the night,
May there be Light!

Night sentries, poem (part of) from George Sterling


There’s not much lighting at night in the city except for a few fortunate areas. The night is dark for almost everybody and it’s at that time that the vilest of both criminals and creatures are lurking (1).


The oath of security

The  lantern bearing paladin is not a crime fighter per se, but he can and does intervene (if he happens to stumble on a mugging, for example). However, its first duty is to repel or exterminate the creeping horrors that are hidden in the dark corners of the city. Such creatures may have been summoned by a mad warlock, or have crept from the catacombs under the city or may have entered surreptitiously by some unprotected and hidden entrance that smugglers use or any other means. What’s important is that they mustn’t be allowed their rampages.

Streets in Turmoil

Nowadays, the nights are more dangerous than ever. The Order of Securitas is too understaffed to be everywhere. Worst, many gangs don’t take kindly to letting someone roam their streets, even if it’s for hunting lurking horrors. These conditions take their tolls and many watchmen are sleep-deprived and emotionally unstable, if not worst.

Paladin: oath of security

More of a monster hunter, less an exemplary leader, so charisma is out (see below).


Armor: light and medium. (2)

Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons (3)

Tools: None

Saving Throws: Wisdom, Intelligence

Skills: Choose from Arcana, Athletics, Insight, Medicine, Religion and Streetwise


ability modifier is wisdom instead of charisma.

Oath of security (oath of devotion, variant)

Turn the unholy ability replaced by Turn creatures of the dark, whoever or whatever have darkvision (that is active) may be affected by it.

New spell list

Cantrip: Light (must have a lantern (spellcasting focus) to cast it, doesn’t need fuel)

Level 1: Alarm, Bless, Command, Compelled Duel, Detect Evil, Detect Poison and Disease, Divine Favor, Faerie Fire, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, Heroism, Hunter’s Mark, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith

Level 2: Aid, Branding Smite, Gentle Repose, Lesser Restoration, Magic Weapons, Moonbeam, Prayer of Healing, Warding Bond

Level 3: Aura of Vitality, Beacon of Hope, Blinding Smite, Counterspell, Crusader’s Mantle, Daylight, Magic Circle, Remove Curse, Revivify, Spirit Guardians

Level 4: Arcane Eye, Aura of Life, Aura of Purity, Banishment, Freedom of Movement, Locate Creature

Level 5: Banishing Smite, Destructive Wave, Dispel Evil, Greater Restoration, Hallow, Hold Monster

  1. Dwarves and elves do not have darkvision in this setting nor any other PCs races, nobody that is « normal » has it. Only dark arts practitioners and lurking things may have it.
  2. Note on armor: normally all classes in Legacy are limited to leather armors (no need to have plate armor against a slapjack), but the paladins, because they hunt creatures, regularly wear heavier protection.
  3. because of their sacred mission, they can use martial weapons (otherwise restricted) but only at night.

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