City planning

I’m no closer to having a map to show… So instead, here’s some inspiring images:

Forbidden City, Beijing

That’s a cool city. I like the mountains in the background and the huge central way with its bridges. I also like the idea of having canals.

It fits my scheme of having tight, enclosed areas, with tactical features to control, bridges as in this case, gates or whatever.

Amsterdam and its canals

It could be that the closer you are to the center of the city the better, for some reason, (a hierarchy thing, more magic, security, better housing). I’ll have to think about that.


Here I like the density (and can we call it shoddiness?). I’ll go with five or six stories in parts of the city. Can you imagine an agile rogue escaping his pursuers in a place like this? Sounds almost too easy! And I definitely like the chinese architecture.


Just add some gang members blocking the portique. Another tactical feature.

Medieval Bologna

How about towers to control the vicinity, like in many cities in medieval Italy?


Multi storied and more bridges. Interesting.

A quick list:

  • Canals, navigable. Or controlled by Tritons?
  • Apart from some more rich (or inversely, slums) areas, buildings can be 5 or 6 stories high
  • High outer walls with impressive gates
  • There’s also inner walls that further divide the city
  • Towers (see Piranesi)

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