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The Last Emperor, in his old age, put forth his Edict of Liberty proclaiming the Empowerment of the Citizens, letting go in effect his century-old rulership of the City. To ensure that freedom would be forever granted to the people, there would be agents, hidden in shadows: the tyrannicides. These zealots of freedom were ready to strike if someone (or a league) would show too much appetite for power…

Not mere assassins, they were dutiful killers who followed an Ideal. It made them much more dangerous.


The Purge

The second century of Legacy is known for the pendulum oscillations between Comune strength  and what is known as the Three Tyrannies. The First Tyranny was ended after much bloodletting, mainly by the efforts  and single-mindedness of the tyrannicides, thus accomplishing their quasi-religious duty. But two decades later happened what is now known as the Purge.  Sorcerer Zu Antarax, the  one who would become the Second Tyrant, seeing that the demise of its predecessor came by the blades of the tyrannicides, had masterminded a devilish plot to end their Order of Shadow before seizing the reins of the city for himself. Corrupting the Order from the inside with a cell of traitors, he succeeded in having them almost all killed, each against the other. The Order of Shadow was not quite finished but very much weakened and it didn’t play any significant role in the ending of the second, nor the third tyranny.

Age of Turmoil

Since the Purge, most think true tyrannicides to be extinct. Some of the surviving members of the Purge have since formed their own cells, their skills still dedicated to assassination, but those aren’t necessarily faithful to the sacred mission.

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