A maze of dark alleys and dead-ends, the Penumbazaar is the place to go for your shady dealings!


Hidden from prying eyes

Situated mostly inside the Vermillon district, it snake beneath the shadows of the five Great Ziggurats and sometimes, even  inside of these antique (and creepy) buildings. Of major importance is the fact that, for some unknown reason, the beholders of the Sanction never visit  the Penumbazaar.

Exotic Market


There’s a multitude of selling stands displaying common goods as well as the most exotic and, of course, if you know the right vendor you could go behind some well-concealed door to delve into a less Sanction-approved world (magical creatures, forbidden weapons, drugs rare components and spells, etc.).

House Coërsce


The most powerful faction inside the Penumbazaar is without a doubt the secretive House Coërsce, one of the two elven Houses that is located outside the Enclave and the most obviously crime-oriented. A good half of the gangs in the area is under their allegiance and the other half have a hard time getting out of their way. You can be sure that they have a (greedy) hand in all of the business operations happening in the dimly lit Penumbazaar.


Most of the gangs won’t harass outsiders except maybe to « kindly » offer their help as guides through the maze in exchange for a not-insignificant fee. Those who are brave (or foolhardy) enough to refuse have better not take a bad turn along their way or they will have to pay much more once they find themselves in the wrong dead-end…

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