Maffeo’s Unrepentants

A small all-tieflings (tieflings in SiT) gang recently expulsed  from the Vestige District by order of House Coërsce, the Unrepentants have quickly become infamous in the Turmoil for their willingness to terrorize the locals. Led by their charismatic leader First Sinner Maffeo, they seem determined to show the world just how intensely evil they are.



So far their flashy actions, despite including more cheap prestidigitization  than real dark arts, have managed to instill fear on many citizens. As for the neighboring gangs, they’re starting to take notice of this annoying challenge on their turf and may soon act on it.

Gang Activities

  • extortion
  • prostitution
  • gratuitous and contract intimidation/beating
  • Lechers and Liquors‘ dive

Most noteworthy members


First Sinner Maffeo (elf-tiefling male). The bombastic leader of this gang, handsome despite his demonic features, he has a habit of making extravagant claims, here’s some of them:

  • He would be one of the hardened criminals that received the Curse of the Mark (and not, like most, a descendant).
  • He would’ve slept with half of the Last Emperor’s harem back then, in sneaky visits to the Palace.
  • He would’ve fought the Last Emperor in a duel and won.
  • He would have levelled an entire neighborhood (left unspecified where or when) with his dark powers.

Higgs Foulmouth (halfling-tiefling male). With a dark sense of humor and a penchant for debauchery, the diminutive Higgs is unusually preoccupied lately since he realised that some of his flirtatious targets had been found dead, those specifically that have rejected his lust. First, he figures he will be a suspect, obviously. Second, he does indeed wonder if it could be him that did it. The Voice did coax him to punish these cold bitches…


Fury Kegesh (human-tiefling female). Fury is blindingly in love with Maffeo. She reacts with much violence (with her brutal nail-claws) if someone even suggests that Maffeo isn’t the great villain he says he is or if a woman eyes him too much. That stance, ironically, has somewhat forced Maffeo into a path he’s not quite comfortable with.

Azeya the Beauty (human-tiefling female). Few believes that deep inside, Azeya has a gentle soul. Being 6’4”, over 250 pounds with large wicked horns doesn’t do much good for one’s self-esteem. When you look like she does, you have to toughen up. And she did. Don’t show your pretty face near her, don’t look at her too long, don’t try to be friendly. Or she’ll bash your head into pulp.

Gomawo (human-tiefling male). A few years back Gomawo was set on the path he wanted. He had secured an apprenticeship with a famous master druggist and he was progressing fast. Alas his jealous fellow apprentices managed to frame him, he was accused (unjustly, at the time) of trying to learn forbidden formulas. Now that he’s masterless, he plans on gaining easy money through extortion to buy enough equipement to set his own lab.


2 thoughts on “Maffeo’s Unrepentants

  1. […] Founded by the Tieflings in Exile, the Church teach that the way to cope with remorse and shame, is to admit our evil deeds of our own accord and moreover, publicly (!). Hypocrisy, for Purgatorists, is the worst of sins. The hate for this trait, it seems, have motivated  Servants of the Church to spy extensively on some suspicious (suspicious being often conveniently synonym with antagonist toward the Church) figures of the City to see if they’re “pure”. The Church is also renowned for the wild, lubricious carnivals it promotes in the “holy” days (of its own calendar), which is a way  to “free oneself from unhealty social restrain”. They do teach some form of controlled behavior outside of these occasions (something that some radicals denounce). […]


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