The Sons of Arson

Since the recent implosion of the mighty Hydra Gang, once the most dominating gang of the Harlequin district, a myriad of lesser groups have emerged from the festering many-headed corpse.



When they’re not in the streets or doing some intimidation job, the Sons of Arson can be found at the Black Teeth’s dive. They’re not really arsonists, despite their name, that’s more like a boast, but they do like to play with fire.

Gang Activities

  • contract intimidation/beating
  • loan sharking
  • several street peddlers gives %
  • extortion
  • some drug-selling
  • Black Teeth dive

Most noteworthy members


Leader: Inferno Tobalo (human male): Inferno Tobalo was a high-ranking Hydra gangster, a Mawcaptain. When the Hydra so spectacularly collapsed, he had hoped to attract many followers to his own newly created gang: The Sons of Arson. His reputation would have ensured just that, but before he could strenghten his following, he was shot several times and left for dead by dangerous thugs from he Broken Wheel Syndicate and left lingering at death’s threshold for days. Now that he’s more or less healed (and owing a big favor to a surgeon) and back in the streets, he doesn’t intend to submit. But then, he’s not too eager to die either. He knows he needs allies…


Mimi-Sue (halfling female): The only female of the gang, Mimi-Sue is beloved by all her fellow Sons. She’s kind of the mascot. She hates the halflings of the Broken Wheel with a passion, for reasons she doesn’t share. She has her four “lovers” with her at all time, her pistols. She’s a deadly shot.


Jallen the Burnt (elf male) Jallen was a Teeth in the Hydra gang, a simple enforcer. His combat prowess could have earned him a higher position but he doesn’t give a damn about leading. In fact, he does, mostly, what he wants when he wants. He’s a pain in the ass for anybody leading him, but he’s just too efficient to discard.


Lo Obar the Inker (dwarf): A renowned Ink Mage, Bartolo much prefer drawing tattoos  in his parlor than doing gang-related jobs. However he does need to test his conjuring magic art from time to time, see if it’s as potent as he thinks. So he agreed to join Tobalo’s gang. That and the fact that his home is right in the middle of their turf.


Suriparaat Everglow (elf, female): She was the best tagger of the Hydra. Her art goes far beyond simple cantrips. Beware the fool who would try to erase or deface one of her graffiti, he would be messing with magic glyphs.

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