Elves (the precious folk)

In D&D 5e, elves can live up to 700 years old. After some hesitations (my first idea was to shorten their lifespan drastically), I’ve decided to go along with this. In my mind, that is not just another feature. This is it. The Elves are the only long-living race in my setting. It’s that fact, not their pointed ears or magic inborn abilities, that is the core of what they are. Oh, and…  they sleep. No trance. Indeed, they sleep.


What does it imply?

  • Many of them, are older than the city (more than 300 years old).
  • Waiting for a shorter-living being to die or to weaken is an efficient strategy.
  • Even with a very low fertility rate, there is many, many generations living together.
  • The head of a family could have 5, 10, 20 generations under her?
  • Nepotism is quite the norm.
  • They can be magic-users and  still have time for not being complete idiots about everything else.
  • They can also practice (and sometime master) their own brand of martial art: canestick fighting.
  • Those who do both are respected Eldricht Knights (D&D 5e).
  • The older elves are serious badasses.

Eternal sleep

They sleep more as they age, even skipping days at a time when they’re very old, until the day that they stop waking up entirely. They never really die (not of old age), they just sleep eternally (can’t be more literal than this) in glass coffins (not airtight, of course) put with care in ornate crypts(1). Most elves believe that the sleepers (the whole lot of them) will wake up, in a single glorious day. So of course, they have to be treated with the utmost care.


Noble Houses

There is seven Great Houses, each have a very extensive reach in the city. There is long-standing pacts and alliances between them but they are also competing one against another. Out of boreness, mostly (the older elves are quite blasés). They schemes, using their numerous (and often oblivious) pawns to play their tournament of shadows (2), unbeknown to most of the citizens.

Five of the Great Houses are in the Enclave district, an enclosed and highly restricted area.


House Adeah-Bonnior: Throw the most extravagant partys, which does not help their finance. Notorious blackmailers, which does help their finance.

House Despensera: Great patrons of the art. As long as they can have exclusivity on the best bits, of course.

House Ugradior(3): Known as Idealists. Push for an extensive Law reform. Sadly, they’re very much alone in this endeavor.

House Latvimsera: Hoarders of knowledge and artifacts of the past. They own the greatest library of the city.

House Truulentu: The most arrogant of an arrogant bunch. They always dress in military-like uniforms. Fucking Fascists.

There’s also two Great Houses outside the Enclave.

House Puulchesera (3): The cursed Puulchesera. All they touch turns to dust. Now they live in the slums of the Kwag, where there is nothing to blemish.

House Coërsce: Elven mafia. Located in the Penumbazaar, they own one of the ancient Ziggourat.


Not every elves are part of the Great Houses, in fact a majority lead a more mundane life, only loosely associated with their blue-blooded cousins. There’s those who reject the puppet theatre of the Great Houses entirely. The most famous and extreme of these dissenters are the Amphorae Sages (more on that another time).

Elf traits

The Enclave’s Elves, House Coërsce, House Puulchesera plus the Outcast Elves are, in effect, subraces.

Ability score modifier: +2 dex, + 1 int, +1 cha (4)

Canestick proficiency

  • Such Beauty Should Not Be Marred: Immunity to diseases, resistance to necrotic. In addition, you can spend a reaction to cancel a critical hit against you (still a hit). once used you must complete a short or long rest to regain this ability.

  1. Someone daring enough could make a fortune stealing a sleeper for ransom. Good luck to stay alive after that though.
  2. Got that from Ripper Street.
  3. That’s an acronym, the last name of one of my player.
  4. Elves are always beautiful but that’s not what makes them charismatic. (the two are unrelated, when you think about it). In fact, most people think of them as pompous bastards. Confident, pompous bastards…

4 thoughts on “Elves (the precious folk)

  1. Soooo an impotent god and a fetish for fairy tale chicks that fall asleep because of a witch’s spell.

    You need help man.

    Also, I like this. /brony handshake.


    • Because, maybe i’ve missed something this whole time that could make me a better person.

      We could watch some episodes of lil’ pony, together! I’ll prepare some cool aids. Are you free friday night?


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