D&D 5e Character classes (list for SiT)

Streets in Turmoil being not  very D&Dish as setting goesI’ve taken some liberties with the character classes… After much doubting and volteface, I think I have (or I’m near) the final selection. Here’s some things I had in mind to help me choose:

  • hit points (and its recovery) will have to be carefully managed as a ressource, magical healing is uncommon
  • there’s no nature to speak of, only the city
  • powers-inducing drugs (with drawbacks) and magical tattoos (costly) can be used instead of “normal” spellcasting
  • a major theme is street fighting, high-level spells could be disruptive
  • heavy armors are not available
  • martial weapons are illegal to use (see list of weapons)
  • some monsters are lurking but there’s no such thing as a dungeon full of them


  • Hooligan (path of the berserker)): A violent troublemaker who lives to fight.


  • Gonfaloniere (college of lore or valor): A standard-bearer fighting on behalf of his community.

No Clerics.

No Druids.

Street Fighter:

  • Street Brawler (champion archetype): A street tough who can batter his opponents, typically with a blood-stained bludgeon.
  • Eldritch Knight: Elves practicing a sophisticated martial art combining cane fighting and strategic spellcasting.
  • Gunslinger (sharpshooter archetype): Halflings have the right to use pistols… and they’re not shy about it!
  • Arcane Gunner: Can imbue their bullets with magic. How cool is that!


  • Martial Artist (way of the open hand): A dedicated student of one of the many schools of martial arts.
  • Tyrannicide (way of shadows): An assassin following an Ideal related  to Anarchism.
  • Pilgrim (way of the four elements): One of the very few that have successfully made the pilgrimage to the “four corners of the Earth” and have been blessed with elemental powers for it.
  • Stylite (way of tranquility): Healing-focused martial artist that spends a lot of time in equilibrium on top of magical columns.


  • Night Sentry (oath of securitas): A sentinel patrolling the night, helping people and fighting the evil he can sense.


  • Vigilante (hunter): An angry citizen that fights against the gangs that afflicts his neighborhood.

Rogue: Flâneur

  • Thief
  • Assassin
  • Arcane Trickster

No Sorcerers

No Warlocks

No Wizards

Not yet classified/homebrewed:

  • Geomancer, primary or sub-class?
  • Muckraker: A member of a religious cult that promotes revealing the faults of others.

One thought on “D&D 5e Character classes (list for SiT)

  1. Monks? MONKS!?? Seriously? GDI man…

    Also this insults me:

    Bard (both colleges are ok), as it is>>>Gonfaloniere: A standard-bearer who represents proudly his community.

    Like a glorified cheerleader. I can play a bard that can own anyone. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about…


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