Drugs are bad…except for the superpowers!

65259-4-1430259360Here’s some street corner-available narcotics for happy PCs.


Cost per dose (1): 15 sp

Addiction level (2): very addictive

How to consume: powder, snort

Common effects (3): euphoria, increased energy, insomnia, restlessness, temperature

In combat, roll 2d4 every round:

  • 2: Hysterical fits: as Tasha’s hideous laughter spell (saves are allowed, up to 1 minute)
  • 3-6 Restlessness: advantage on initiative roll
  • 7-8 Incredible energy: as Haste spell


Cost per dose: 4 sp

Addiction level: mildly addictive

How to consume: tea infusion, drink

Common effects: hallucinations, difficulties recognizing what is real, sweating, enlarged pupils, dizziness

Constant gaming effects:

  • disadvantage on saves vs illusion spells and effects
  • disadvantage on perception skill checks
  • disadvantage on acrobatics skill checks
  • advantage on religion skill check
  • can cast minor illusion cantrip, once per use

Also, may attempt concentrating to gain true sight (as the spell). Doing so requires wis DC 16, failure result in a stun effect for 1 minute.

Pelouse’s Pills (or Pelouse’s candies, or P Pills)

Cost per dose: 8 sp

Addiction level: very addictive for creative-minded people

How to consume: pills, swallow

Common effects: lethargy, increased creativity, loss of logical thinking

Constant gaming effects:

  • if you spend an inspiration point, you immediately gain one more point (once per use)
  • disadvantage on persuasion skill checks

In combat:

Creative fighting: advantage on attack rolls


On a roll of 1 on any d20 rolled by the P Pill user: lethargy for 1 minute (paralyzed)

  1. For simplicity’s sake I’m thinking all the drugs stay active for 1 hour
  2. I guess I will have to work on some kind of addiction system
  3. I would leave to the players to roleplay what’s happening.

3 thoughts on “Drugs are bad…except for the superpowers!

  1. Pretty familiar myself with the p pills, the lethargy side effect is definitely increased when it is time to leave the scene. I would say by a factor of 3 to 5. Is it worth the outside of the box thinking? Definitely not sure…. nah….it can lead to awkward situation, and your co-protagonist can suffer headaches as a holistic side effect.


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