Introduction (how the PCs fits in)

I was intending to write a pitch, a text selling my newest setting to my players, telling them how totally awesome an experience it will be, and how they should begin to prepare (1), tactically speaking, to convince their wives of  freeing them twice a month, for years to come… Well, I wrote something but it turned out more gloomy that I intended, so not so good a pitch after all. It does make a good introduction for the PCs though, I think, skipping the distasteful and overused “you are in a tavern” scene. So here it is.


You are a citizen of the Free City of Legacy, a city in crisis,  divided by conflicting interests. You live in the infamous Harlequin neighborhood, an area known for its  melting pot of people: elves, dwarves, humans, halflings, goblins and still others, and like most of the city, its very rough. It’s far better than living in the slums (the Kwag)  outside the walls but still, life is not easy.

It’s an Age of Turmoil they say. Except for a few privileged areas, Legacy is now essentially a vast gangland hell. Most people just try to keep a low profile, paying money  to the local thugs when they have to. But there is those that knows that things weren’t always so grim, and that nothing is permanent.

You’ve heard brave words from some fellow residents, more often lately. There’s even bolder talks about resurrecting the Commune: local leadership by the citizens, for the citizens and all that.

Now is the time or never. The once ruling force of the Harlequin, the mighty and widely feared Hydra Gang, has collapsed, leaving a bunch of weaker (disorderly) gangs instead. Before some of them (or opportunistic outsiders) become better organised, maybe the new Commune could claim its rightful place?

Such a noble enterprise will need all the help it can find, for surely the gangs (and more deceptive enemies) will fight such an infringement on their territories.

Fortunately, the old traditions of martial arts have not disappeared. The gang bruisers aren’t the only one who knows how to fight.

You do!

téléchargement (1)

Will you make this happen?

If so, bandage your fists, stretch your joints: LET THE FIGHT BEGINS!

  1. It will start in 2018, after the end of the actual epic campaign.

One thought on “Introduction (how the PCs fits in)

  1. What this city need is someone who can step up, someone who is ready to roll up his (or her) sleeves and finally end the chaos. This city needs a hero.

    This city needs Batman.

    Wait… wrong blog, sorry!

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