Monstrous City: Beholders


Eyes everywhere (law enforcement)

It’s called The Sanction. It truly is monstrous, literally. The “policemen” are beholders. A Sheriff beholder enforce the law in the area, with a cohort of lesser spectator beholders under his baleful supervision.

Meet your sheriff


Many beholders were brought  under the rule of the Third Tyrant. A terrifying force they were. And loyal to him. When the City freed itself from the yoke of the Third, it was decided in a special assembly that the  beholders would still serve: the power of law! A bold idea, to say the least. Now, the slimy monsters roams the streets, waiting for an opportunity to punish crime-doers.

To serve and protect?

Law enforcement

Incorruptible (or are they?), the beholders have many powers that helps them bring down criminals. They use charm person to compel unhelpful people. They’re reaaally good at intimidating, no surprise there. The Sheriff sees through the eyes of his spectators and can send reinforcements anywhere that needs it. He can also spy inside houses, magically popping a eyed-tentacle from the walls and ceilings.



the list of crimes in Legacy is very short.

  • Murder (attempted murder is not)
  • Identity theft
  • Property deed fraud
  • Burglary
  • Home invasion
  • Arson
  • Restricted weapon possession
  • Trespassing
  • Criminal mischief


If a spectator beholder witnesses a crime (they patrol without rest) or sent after someone reported a crime, they will try to arrest the crime-doer, softening him up with eye rays if he resists. Too much resistance or a botched arrest leads to a death warrant from the sheriff. Arrested criminals are sent to Detention Island, the prison under the care of the Sphynx Warden, whom even the beholders are afraid of.


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