Against the gangs (mundane version)

Up until mid-level, fighting or more generally, dealing with the gangs, will be a large part of the PCs occupation. All excerpts are from Asbury’s GoNY.

Ward vs Gangland

The very beginning of the campaign will see the restoration of the 42nd Ward, a small territory that the local citizens want to get back for themselves. That means pushing away gang claims, using diplomacy, cunning and more likely: brute strength.

…was divided by the gangs into clearly defined kingdoms, and the boundaries were garrisoned and as carefully guarded as are the frontiers of civilized nations.

Below are some precisions, nothing fancy yet, about some gang basic concepts.

And many a boy became a gangster solely because of an overwhelming desire to emulate the exploits of some spectacular figure of the underworld, or because of a yearning for fame and glory which he was unable to satisfy except by acquiring a reputation as a tough guy and a hard mug.


  • 4 members or more in association
  • share a common identifier: name, graffiti, symbolics, etc
  • make a living without conventional work

Each of these small gangs was supreme in its own territory, which other gangs under the same sovereignty might not invade, but its leader was always responsible to the chieftain of the larger gang, just as a prince is responsible to his king.

Great Gang

  • Hundreds of members in association divided in cliques
  • share a common identifier
  • have the allegiance of lesser gangs


  • as a great gang
  • have influence felt outside streets/turf, even in high society

Gang Pride

Apart from the very weakest (or very discreet), gangs won’t ever let an insult (real or perceived) unanswered. Retaliation, and the severity of it, may vary between gangs, but all crave respect.

If, however, the gang is repeatedly unable to defend his wounded pride, it may well try to:

  • go in another terrirory
  • disband in shame
  • seek the protection of a stronger gang
  • submit to  the offender, offering fealty

To do: I need an renown/intimidation chart to follow the doings of the PCs against the gangs.

Un commentaire sur “Against the gangs (mundane version)

  1. The chart I use for my own campaign is simple and efficient. Add up a few points depending on the action and the choices made.

    Say a minor success is +2. Being an idiot in public -2.
    Vanquishing a strong foe, being a hero can go up to +10 etc.

    There is no real maximum or minimum and as the score rises, I require stronger or stupider feats to raise or lower the score even more.


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