Class variant: Gonfaloniere


I love the mechanic of the bard in 5E and the way it affects the team’s dynamic but I’ve never been a fan of magic-through-music, even if it’s a given in fantasy nowadays. The gonfaloniere is a figure I found while reading about medieval Italy. The role I’ve given him is pseudo-historical, a bit stretched for gaming purpose.


Once, citizens owned the streets. There were no gangs to speak of. Only loose associations of like-minded individuals. This was before the tragic debasement caused by the Three Tyrannies. Democracy was vibrant back then. Of course, democracy doesn’t mean harmony, never was about that. Rivalry between the Wards was commonplace. Most often, it only led to healthy competition, be it in arts, festivals or sporting events. But sometimes it meant more serious vexation that could led to battles, in the streets and squares of the City. One figure always stood out in these bloody affairs, that of the gonfaloniere.

Proud representative of his community, the gonfaloniere is more that a simple standard-bearer.

My shoes are magical, okay. Nothing wrong about them.

A Special Flag

The gonfaloniere is almost never seen without his flag. It is bound to him, from the day he accepted his charge he can conjure it at will. From it, he gains access to the city’s magic, a most potent source. He can weave powerful spells to help his community to prevail in the various conflicts that beset it.


Pillar of community

Acutely aware of the glorious history of his Ward, he constantly remind his fellow neighbours to honour it dutifully. The Gonfaloniere have to study the events of the past and record the present. He often helps to settle disputes, using his knowledge of jurisprudence and his convincing rhetorics to good effect.


Bard simple reskin, both PHB college can be used.

new spell list:

Cantrips: Blade Ward, Dancing Lights, Friends, Guidance, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation, Resistance, Spare the Dying, Vicious Mockery

Level 1: Armor of Agathys, Bane, Bless, Charm Person, Color Spray, Command, Create or Destroy Water, Detect Magic, Dissonant Whispers, Expeditious Retreat, Faerie Fire, Heroism, Identify, Mage Armor, Purify Food and Drink, Sanctuary, Shield, Shield of Faith

Level 2: Aid, Arcane Lock, Calm Emotions, Cloud of Daggers, Cordon of Arrows, Crown of Madness, Enhance Ability, Enlarge/Reduce, Enthrall, Find Traps, Gust of Wind, Hold Person, Knock, Locate Object, Magic Mouth, Magic Weapon, Mirror Image, Misty Step, See Invisibility, Spiritual Weapon, Suggestion, Zone of Truth

Level 3: Aura of Vitality, Beacon of Hope, Conjure Barrage, Counterspell, Create Food and Water, Dispel Magic, Fear, Glyph of Warding, Hypnotic Pattern, Magic Circle, Nondetection, Revivify, Sending, Slow

Level 4: Arcane Eye, Compulsion, Confusion, Death Ward, Dimension Door, Fabricate, Guardian of Faith, Locate Creature

Level 5: Animate objects, Antilife Shell, Conjure Volley, Contact Other Plane, Creation, Destructive Wave, Dream, Greater Restoration, Mislead, Passwall, Rary’s Telepathic Bond, Seeming, Wall of Force

Level 6: Arcane Gate, Blade Barrier, Contigency, Forbiddance, Heroes’ Feast, Mass Suggestion, Otto’s Irresistible Dance, Planar Ally

Level 7: Conjure Celestials, Divine Word, Forcecage, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Prismatic Spray, Project Image, Sequester, Symbol

Level 8: Antimagic Field, Feeblemind, Glibness, Mind Blank, Power Word Stun

Level 9: Foresight, Imprisonment, Power Word Kill, Prismatic Wall


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