Old Mindy’s Crew

The seemingly meek and easy to overlook crew under Old Mindy’s supervision, actually has a smooth and profitable operation going on. The devious halfling lady in charge is both a criminal mastermind and a devoted teacher of the many aspects of thievery.




Old Mindy was giving good money to the Hydra gang to have the right to operate. Money that she can keep all for herself now that the great gang is no longer. The downside is that her crew is no longer under protection, and if one of her greedy minions makes an enemy of the wrong people, it could mean a lot of troubles.

Gang Activities

  • Thievery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Fraud
  • Burglary
  • Blackmail

Most noteworthy members

Old Mindy (halfling female): Few know that the bent and arthritic old halfling lady, living in the same humble lodging (fully trapped) since at least half a century, is one of the richest people of the Harlequin district. She has more money than she ever needed, but her real interest in life is teaching her crooked ways to her pupils (that doesn’t mean she won’t take her fair share of the spoils).


One-Hand Fadoo (human-tiefling male): Fadoo had a few rough years before he joined Old Mindy’s crew, way back. A proficient thief, he nonetheless lost an hand after he got caught on a job by a would-be-victim that was much more than it looked. Maimed for life, he’s now the right-hand (ironically speaking) of Old Mindy. He’s the one who sells the stolen merchandise to carefully chosen buyers. Some of the crew accuse him of taking too long in the process, but he knows first hand (more irony) what is the price to pay of being careless.


Deft Wesson (halfling male): An incredibly skilled pickpocket (Old Mindy swears she never saw the like of him in her very long life), Wesson is still destitute despite all he has stolen so far. After paying his share to the crew, the first thing he always does is finding his way to a gambling den. Funny thing is, he seems to rather enjoy losing all is ill-gotten money in the most outrageously framed hazard games.


Miguk and Soyok (goblins): They were four goblin siblings, one has been killed by a Sanction‘s Spectator, another is incarcerated in the Palace. The two remaining  still do what they’ve always done: burglary. They expect someday, to join their missing siblings (death or prison), but they figure that’s what a goblin’s life is all about.


Hai Tajar (dwarf, male): For a non-dwarf, all dwarves look alike. Hai Tajar is counting on this (that and his superb impersonating skills) to execute his latest scheme. He has spent some weeks discreetly following a Hook Gang dwarf to his “clients”, in his extortion’s routine. His plan includes drugging the Hook and replace him on his run for the day. He won’t be nearly as greedy as the bastard.


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