I-Despicable NPCs

Fagin Ziyak (children owner)

Fagin Ziyak, a richly-dressed goblin with a foothigh topper hat, loves children. When they earn him money that is. He owns (took them from the streets) at least a dozen of the little brats at a time: goblins, humans and halflings. None above age twelve.The goblins  younglings are to be pickpockets. The humans and halflings ones, he lends for a day, mostly to beggars that want a hungry-looking kid (pretending it’s theirs) besides them to mollify the heart of a would-be donator. The poor kids don’t have to make much efforts to appear undernourished, disease-ridden and sad. Fagin Ziyak carries his stick  “Brat-bruiser”, wherever he goes.

Meficyril Truulentu (elf supremacist)

An ancient elf, Meficyril has spent the last 200 years writing treatises and making speeches about the superiority of the elven race.  His hateful discourse is focused around these main themes:

  • the elves are the only one blessed with true longevity, all others are pathetically ephemeral.
  • the preponderant ugliness of the inferior races is even more offending to the eye when compared to the typical (beautiful) elf.
  • Ugliness and beauty surely reflect the content of the soul.
  • The Enclave, home district of the elves is clean, safe and prosperous. The rest of the city is squalid and violent.

The special role of the elven race, says the Meficyril, is to rule the lesser ones, the short-lived, clueless and bestial creatures, with a firm hand. For the benefits of all, of course. It would only be generous to allow such a natural order: the city led by its superior elements, the elves

Poporo (necro -pimp)

Of all the numerous sordid brothels that can be found in the city, one of the worst, maybe  the ultimate worst, is Poporo’s Mausoleum. In a milieu as immoral and exploitive as the brothels’, Poporo the necro-pimp manages to offend even his fellow pimps. It’s not about the kidnapping of the girls, or violently punishing them if they try to escape, that’s rather common in other brothels, no… Poporo pushes the boundary of evil much further. Those girls that dare disobey, he kills and turn them into undead! The living prostitutes are then reminded (for the dead girls still work) of what awaits them if they disobey the necro-pimp…

image from hitmansolid

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