The Broken Wheel Syndicate

The Broken Wheel has recently made a foray within the Turmoil district, attempting to capitalize on the power vacuum left by the great Hydra Gang’s demise. From its homeground of Wheeltown, the influential halfling mafia has sent agents to install a kontor (a base) to further expand its operations over there. Whip (local boss) Gentle Jim, an experimented fellow, is the one in charge of the move.



Upon arriving in the district, the broken wheelers have taken over a local dive (the Stray Bullet) frequented by halflings. Not long after their arrival, troubles began,  initiated by some of the local gangs and Gentle Jimmy ordered a “display of power” to show they meant business. Things have somewhat calmed down since these first weeks and now, the halfling syndics are expanding their control in the area, subjecting many locals to intimidation and extortion. They do proceed with some caution, as they don’t want the gangs to unite against them.

Gang activities

  • extortion
  • prostitution
  • loan sharking
  • contract intimidation
  • contract murder
  • Golden Cushion palanquin crews
  • Stray Bullet dive
  • owns many other taverns, brothels and gambling dens

Most noteworthy members

Gentle Jim  (halfling male):Well in his sixties, Gentle Jim has earned a reputation of always keeping his calm and avoiding bloodshed whenever possible. It isn’t that he’s kind-hearted (he’s definitely not), its only a matter of being cost-efficient and he finds that violence rarely is. He has now a delicate situation to handle in the Harlequin and, if he succeeds, it would be very good for his criminal career.

Evil Eye Symeon  (halfling male): An innocuous-looking fellow, Evil Eye is none the less widely feared for being a arcane gunner. He acts as a bodyguard to Gentle Jim and have the occasional job to convey a “message” in a way “that cannot be misunderstood”. The fact that Evil Eye has a rather impressive doll collection in his room hasn’t really helped his reputation of being: “a goddamn freak”.

Ducks Hobbs (halfling male) : His third tentative at running a tavern having miserably failed (despite the impressive amount of money he invested in it), ending yet again in bankruptcy, Ducks (he’s good at dodging) has to work as an enforcer, as he did before, to replenish his funds. Fortunately for him (and his boss), he’s a lot better at taking money from others than running a business. However, he did saw a nearby dive that he would dearly like to possess for himself…

Billy the Blade (halfling male): Billy would’ve preferred to use revolvers like any respectable halfling mafioso around, but he’s too shortsighted. That’s not something he tells to anybody, what he does say is that: “I like the feel of a blade cutting soft flesh” much more than shooting from afar. For all his tough dude act, Billy curses silently his condition, having to go head-on against taller and stronger opponents is a dangerous business, even for a savvy-veteran like him.

Tall Timmy (halfling male): Being an astounding 4’3”, Tall Timmy is the tallest halfling of the entire city! Rumors have it that he’s courting a human gal (she being on the smaller side) and there’s much merriment about what could come out of it. If they were ever to have a baby (if that’s even possible), it would simultaneously be a half-halfling, as well as a three-quarterling! Mah ha ha ha! Heh.

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