Character races for SiT (one step backward)

I am removing two races from the list available for PCs. The two weren’t even fully described, only a paragraph for each (all kinds of people), just a sneak peek really. I think they don’t add anything good to the setting and I’m on a cleaning (editing) mood. It makes sense for the end of the year, I guess.

“There’s no end to lousy ideas from D.Skelector”

I’m posting this for… posterity? I don’t know, I’m keeping track of failure.

Dragonborn: born for great things

Dragonborns are not really a species, their parents could be humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, etc. but they are born from an egg, all of them. They never were numerous and they are not always welcomed with joy. Those who live to become adults always do great things. For good or for bad.

Rather lackadaisical, as sneak peek goes. Following is what I didn’t wrote and had in mind:

My Dragonborns (didn’t intend to keep much of the original D&D 5e version) were to be like great people in Sid Meier’s Civilization 3-4-5 (6?). Their rare occurrence (a handful per generation?) would set great events in motion, paradigmatic shifts, new religions, building of wonders, etc.. They would have had boosted stats (like + 6 everywhere or maybe one or two very high stats to reflect their superiority). Rather unbalanced, I know, but on purpose.  Available to players, on the specific condition that they would need an incredibly amazing concept for their character.

Why throw it away?

Aside for the obvious and reckless balance-disrupting part, the main reason I’m discarding this concept is that such characters would downplay the roles of everyone else. As if you can’t really alter the world if you’re not such a uniquely born individual. The players will certainly be able to change things, maybe dramatically, whatever race or concept they choose for their PCs.

First Dwellers: sentient slime

A few decades after the founding of Legacy, an earthquake occurred that seems to be linked with the awakening of the First Dwellers from the ruins below the city. Until that time, the minds of those called the First Dwellers, were preserved in a dormant state in a vast pool of slime! Upon emerging, they quickly made a pact (of which little is known) with the Last Emperor and became citizens despite the fact that they are, in their actual form, sentient goo-people who must use (inhabit) an apparatus  to interact with the world…

I was rather satisfied with the idea when I wrote it, finding it original. The First Dwellers were to be the only character race truly of my own design, and not an adaptation of one suggested by D&D 5e. After thinking about it, I think it’s not very consistent with SiT.

Why throw it away?

In short, I don’t want this much bizarre. That doesn’t mean I want seriousness. Oh no! Not at all.

So here’s the final (probably) list of character races

  • dwarves
  • elves
  • ghouls
  • goblins
  • halflings
  • hobgoblins
  • humans
  • tieflings

Nothing extravagant but they’re all tweaked some way for SiT.

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