Managing hit points


There’s no clerics in SiT. And no potions of healing either. There’s simply not much magical healing going on. You can find painkillers, bandages, salves and some other things too (Gobo coffee). But there’s no way your battered character will be fully healed  after just a few rounds of being subjected to cure wounds, healing words and such.

You will have to manage your PC’s hit points: by choosing carefully your combats, ensuring safe zones, acquiring allies, choosing negotiation over fighting (sometimes despite your own wishes on the matter), and so on.

Shitty weapons

Combat versus monsters will happen, but only something like 5-10% of the time. A bit more if a Watchman is in the group.

Most combats will be against less terrifying opponents. NPCs templates like bandit, cultist, thug, etc And classed NPCs too, of course.

In most situations, martial weapons won’t be an option. It’s illegal. This leaves  simple weapons (list over here), the two most popular being the bludgeon and the brass knuckles. So most dices to roll for damage will be d4 or d6, seldom higher.

Halflings do have access to pistols (d10). So fear the Halflings! Seriously. Fear them.

And…paltry protection

Plate, chain mails and shields are things in the museums and private collections. Perhaps some of the  Truulentu Elves, those fascists, still wear them but almost nobody else does.

Leather armors, on the other hand, are widely used. Often padded, studded or with spikes.


Gritty Realism (homebrewed, my own mildly sadistic variant)

  • For healing purposes only: a long rest is still considered 8 hours or more and a short rest 1 hour or more
  • Remember that you recover half of your HD, but no hit points unless you spend HD.

The healer’s kit, the healer feat and the medicine skill.

The healer feat (PHB), allowing to give hp once per short rest, becomes much more useful under such rules.

Note that I’m adding the common sense requirement that you must be proficient with the medicine skill to use this feat (you can still use the healer’s kit without medicine proficiency for its normal usage, see PHB).

Some PCs features that can help with hit points recovery:

(Remember, you recover any of your “long rest” features only at the last day of the week (Peaceday))

  • The fighter can heal (self only) with his second wind, must have a short rest to use it again.
  • The monk can heal (self only) with wholeness of body. Have it back next Peaceday.
  • The monk of the way of tranquility (UA) also have an additionnal healing power: healing hands have twice the capacity of lay on hand (on anyone) and must wait next Peaceday to get it back.
  • The paladin have his lay on hands (on anyone). Once used, must wait next Peaceday to get it back. Also, he’s the only one who can cast some minor healing spells. This is somewhat downplayed by the fact that the paladin actively seek to hunt monsters hiding in the city, so that his presence in a group certainly adds more dangerous combats to the usual.
  • The bard has a big asset with song of rest, helping everyone. He can use it at each short rest.

Some final words

Of course another way of managing hit points, besides healing, is to be hit less often… It will be up to you to come up with clever plans and tactics!

3 thoughts on “Managing hit points

  1. What I like about the ease of regaining hitpoints is that it keeps the flow of the game going. Without that, sure its more realistic. But thats why none of us are adventurers in real life. If I could heal a 6 inch deep gash in my chest overnight, you can bet I wouldn’t stick around in this dead end job forever.

    Seriously though, always waiting days on end to get back in the fight might actually slow the game and the progression to a crawl interspersed with long moments of waiting and hiding because another fight might be too much.


    • Don’t worry you doubter, there’ll be plenty of action! But yeah, I want a focus on planning and managing. I’m really confident it wont be boring. Just different. And you know, IF indeed it is boring we’ll just remove it, simple as that…


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