The Unshackled Sisters

Martial artists feminists!

It’s a known fact that violence is a male thing. Well, that’s a monopoly the Sisterhood of the Unshackled Lady won’t leave undisputed! Nuns trained in martial arts, the  sisters openly show a defiant attitude toward the established (patriarchal) order. They actively defend women, and more importantly, they show them what it means to be strong!



The sisterhood have just been granted  a permit of acquisition by the Ministry of Rites for the old disused Temple of Cool Refreshments (1) to take as their own. It’s a large complex that could house dozens of people, but they have a lot of work to do to make it inhabitable. They will need sponsors and big donations if they hope to accomplish their goals.

Many sisters fear that after paying off (if they’re forced to) the local gangs, their projects for the community (helping the women of the Harlequin and the restoration of the temple) will stall. And so, in their last election for the position of Mother, they chose a strong, reckless leader.


Gang Activities

  • beating/intimidation of male offenders
  • caring of women
  • re-building of the Temple of Cool Refreshments
  • healing, fee depends

Most noteworthy members


Mother Celestina (tiefling, female)

A young Tiefling, she’s nonetheless the leader of the sisterhood after the last vote, as it is decided democratically. It’s no secret that she was chosen for her energetic personality as well as for her combat prowess, two things that the sisterhood will need for what is coming next. However, Celestina has an undisclosed relationship that could do much harm to her position, if it came to be known. Sisters are supposed to be celibate and moreover, her lover is a gang leader, an epitome of machismo.


Taishan the Pilgrim (human, female)

One of the very rare woman to have done the Pilgrimage of the Four Corners, Taishan was half-dead when she came back in Legacy. She was brought back to health with the help of the sisters and have been a dutiful member since. Her strange magical powers, awakened by the pilgrimage, are now a huge asset when things come to a fight.


Koreeludd (hobgoblin, female)

Fleeing her up-and-coming family who would have seen her wed and with child, she went to the sisters and never looked back. She is as fierce as any of her sisters for the cause of women yet, from a recent encounter she had, she feels that there is something else to worry about. In fact, she sees the problems facing the goblin population as even more pressing. A view, to her sadness, that few shares.


Chosen Immatina (tiefling, female)

Once Immatina was a devout follower of the Church of Sempiternal Deprecation but one thing kept gnawing at her. Why a Pope and no Popess? Couldn’t a woman achieve such sanctity too? After she became vocal about it, things went downhill for her in the congregation, despite all the tenets of the Church against hypocrisy. She bitterly quit. And found another cause! Furthermore, she’s the one who have the incredible honor of holding the Icon of the Unshackled Lady!


Holly (halfling, female)

A gentle soul, Holly is happy to be in charge of the restored garden of the temple. She is a knowledgeable herborist, so much in fact that her healing salves and poultices have acquired a wide reputation for efficiency. She’s not much of a fighter but without her, the sisterhood would have a much harder time when things go rough.

  1. That’s translation of a chinese temple. Those have the funniest of names.

4 thoughts on “The Unshackled Sisters

  1. So huh… ninja nuns?

    I call dibs on the B-movie script.

    Actually, in a world where people fight with clubs and table legs, having some nice jujitsu can come in handy… and makes sense.

    I hate monks.

    Otherwise, consider if you really plan on using the monk class that it is outrageously made to be effective without weapons. Again, in a world devoid of weapons and other hurtful things, a monk may well be a godly warrior.

    I suspect some changes might be needed. I don’t know, I hate monks.


      • mmhmm. The way this is set up, I agree. I was talking about technical terms of the monk class itself and it’s supernatural abilities that circumvent the use of spells, swords and armor.


  2. I think it’s a lot less of an issue with 5e. Just look at how the fighter character can be built, with its many fighting styles. Of course you can make a tank but you can as well make a sniper archer in light armor. So, in a setting with less armors and weapons, I certainly am limiting diversity (for the sake of thematic choices) but I don’t think it will be a balance issue.


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