Hooligan (barbarian reskin for SiT)


The hooligan is a chosen of Furor. Is it because of this dubious blessing that a hooligan feels alive only when he fights or when he breaks something? Or has he been chosen by Furor precisely because he was like this to begin with? Whichever the cause, no doubt that when the hooligan let go of his rage nobody can match his toughness and sheer ferocity!

A.Lorenzetti, Furor / Siena - A.Lorenzetti /Furor/ Fresco (Det.) Siena -
Furor likes you! (1)

The hooligan is a simple reskin of the barbarian (path of the berserker) with the exception of the primary class feature Danger Sense that doesn’t quite fit, replaced by:

Barricade Smasher (2): You have advantage on Strength checks made to push, lift or break objects.

  1. I’ve recently decided to use Lorenzetti’s allegory as a sort of pantheon for Streets & Turmoil
  2. Took this from the path of the totem warrior which won’t see any use, renamed it et voilà!

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