The Retribution’s Hooks

They say that the Retribution put the first nail in the Great Hydra Gang’s coffin. It succeed with what was then the unthinkable, rolling back the dominant gang out of a few sub-precincts of the Harlequin district.

Butchers turned vigilantes, they banded together for the cause. Before they went bad. Their willingness to employ every means was both their path to success and the seed of their downfall, leading to their present moral bankruptcy. Their signature feat, a cruel habit of hanging their opponents where all could see with meat hooks is how they got their name.



The Hooks have forgotten all pretense of fighting for the purpose of delivering justice. They’re gangbangers themselves now and they’re more brutal than most. Also, the Hooks never possessed business interests like some other gangs have. What they’re good at is scare tactics and extorting money from others. Their main goal is to be at the top of the pecking order, so all the neighboring gangs pay tribute money to them.

Gang Activities

  • extortion (++)
  • gang warfare
  • gratuitous and contract intimidation
  • contract murder


Most noteworthy members

Leader: White Apron (human male): White Apron is the closest thing to a leader that the loosely associated Hooks have. He always sports a white apron and it’s said that he’s not happy at the end of the day if he has not added a few bloody smears on it. The laundresses hate him fiercely.

The Black Hook (human male): The only contact of “The Black Hook” with the gang is with White Apron and he’s called upon only when an extremely lucrative murder demand has been asked. The Sanction would love to catch him, as he’s rumored to have dozens of kills.

Pulley Puruk (goblin male): The small goblin wanted to be part of the fun and was made a member of the gang after he showed that he could lift a fat guy “by himself” using a pulley of his own design.

Ribs (hobgoblin male): At the wrong end of a hook (he was an Hydra at the time), Ribs switched side, having impressed his tormentors with his toughness. He says to anyone who cares that this should be the usual entry “fee”, even though that cost him a few ribs.

Solmarro (human male): A bit obtuse, proud Solmarro still sees himself as a vigilante, protecting his community, delivering much-needed justice and such. He’s not entirely delusional, he’s just not ready yet to turn against his fellow Hooks.

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