10 districts

The Enclave


  • (Elftown) upper class
  • Strictly for Elves. Others must have a permit.
  • A walled district built by the six (now five) Great Houses of the elven nobility.
  • Magnificent,  opulent area.

Special locations: The Council’s Palace, The Tower of the Incinerators, Palace of Soft Whispers

The Vermilion


  • (Temples district) upper class
  • reddish stone tiles used for most of the buildings – temples and houses – rumored to protect against evil spirits and spells

Special locations: Mausoleum of the Last Emperor, The Dragon’s Temple

The Vestige


  • lower class
  • 20 000 years old ziggurats and other architectural  oddities dots the Vestige district
  • shunned by more prosperous people because of  freakish creatures still occasionally getting out of some forgotten pit
  • Lots of hidden secrets, still.

Special locations: Penumbazaar: The Ministry of Rites

The Folly


  • Mix of rich and poor, the higher the richer
  • Gravity-defying engineering on the scale of an entire district. Narrow moving catwalks link rotating towers.
  • sound of grinding mechanisms is ever-present.
  • ground level (Below as they say) is dangerous, swampy and infested by feral ghouls, lizardmen and worse.

Special locations: The Thousand Towers, The Eternal Vise

The Five Wards


  •  lower class, all races
  • Much like the ever-boiling soup popular in its streets, its full of surprises, sometimes good, sometimes…
  • Be ready, always!

Special locations: Peace Plaza

The Palace


  • (Inner City) slums: bandits and monsters
  • The Last Emperor’s city within a city
  • supposed to be razed, but the job was only half done before it was halted. Now, it’s one of the most dangerous area of the city, home of the worst of the worst.

Special locations: The Cursed Garden, The Pavillion of the Stars

The Kwag


  • (Shantytown) slums
  • The Kwag is like a big discharge of yang, negative energy,  necrotic or whatever. No sane people choose to live here, only the desperate.

Special locations: The Puulchusera Blight

Low Town


  • (Embouchure) harbor, warehouses, lower class
  • All the city’s canals starts in Low Town. The merchandise not going further on rafts is landed to be stocked on one of the warehouse or carried away on two-wheeled carts.

Special locations: Floating Market



  • (Warrior district) middle class, elite artisans
  • The first district of the city to be built after the foundation, the Concordia was made to lodge the soldiers of the Last Emperor
  • it was not long before the infamous Pleasure Quarter was established.

Special locations:The Pax Monument, Pleasure Quarter, Roc’s Landing



  • (Halflingtown) middle class, halfling mobsters
  • Outside the Eastern Gate lies Wheeltown.
  • All that doesn’t come by water via the Embouchure passes by Wheeltown, long occupied by a majority of Halflings.

Special locations: Weekly Fair



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