The 77 Red Dragons

The 77 Red Dragons is a gang made up exclusively of ghouls. They’re drug dealers, manufacturing the much-needed (for the ghouls) Tincture and providing other substances as well. Their version of the tincture has a reddish hue and unsurprisingly, they call it red dragon.



The 77 Red Dragons are not good neighbors in the Harlequin. They strive to seize a part of the city that would later be inhabited by a majority of ghouls. That implies that:

  • they have to convince non-ghouls to leave their turf (without bringing the Sanction to their door)
  • they must have a large and steady supply of tincture
  • they wish to become overlords to  all ghouls

Gang Activities

  • drug dealing (mainly tincture for ghouls)
  • landlords to other ghouls
  • gratuitous intimidation
  • corpse disposal (buying)

Most Noteworthy members

Madam Skullflay: The lavishly dressed leader of the Red Dragons, Madam Skullflay epitomize the saying “iron hand in a velvet glove”. Once a prostitute with poor health,  she forged herself anew after becoming a ghoul. Utterly ambitious, she will stop at nothing to be Queen of the Ghouls. For now, she’s taking steps to strengthen her gang’s hold of her growing territory.

Coldbones: Seldom seen in public, the limping old chemist is essential to the success of the gang. He’s the one that have the knowledge to manufacture the precious tincture, in effect bypassing the druggists suppliers of the Folly district. Coldbones doesn’t care for much in life (such as it is), providing him a corpse or two a month is all that takes to keep him in line.

Sixteenth: Most people become a ghoul quite involuntarily, out of the risk of taking shroud remedy . As a young and rather frail human male, Sixteenth actually wished to become a ghoul and be able to scare people. Sixteenth saved all his money to buy shroud, lot of it, until it happened, the sixteenth dose he took. His lunacy pleased the Red Dragons and joining them was the happiest day of his life.

Little Drake: The second-in-command of the gang, Little Drake, was born a halfling. His small size and amiable demeanor obfuscates an absolutely fearsome street fighter. An adept martial artist, he has perfected lightning-speeded combat techniques using his flesh-rending ghoul claws. 

Eye Gouger Pete: The personal bodyguard of Madam Skullflay, Eye Gouger has a collection of eyes he pulled out of victims. He keeps them pickled, in a large glass bottle. Dozens of them.

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