II-Bestiary: Dao, Djinni, Efreeti, Marid

I’m expanding my concept of monsters having a somewhat “normal” part in the functioning of the City. Of course, there’s always something going wrong with that kind of thing. Otherwise, where would be the fun!

Servant Genies Gone Astray

Dao, djinni, efreeti and marids are genies, servant spirits invoked long ago with powerful magic and bonded in the service of the City. Each type of genie has its special duty, protecting the people against a specific affliction. Unfortunately, it seems of late that the sense of duty of these so-called servant genies is more and more lacking: some are overzealous, others simply lazy or self-serving. For sure, the magic bonding the genies have weakened with time. How to restore it? If only somebody knew!



Origin: guardians of the walls

The dao were bonded to the walls to maintain/repair them and offering support to repel invaders.

Age of Turmoil

The expansion of the City beyond the outer walls seems to have angered, or maybe confused, the dao into thinking that suburb people are a menace. Many houses in the vicinity of the walls have been destroyed (and recycled into repair materials) and many people have been the victims of wanton destruction by dao spirits. Accordingly, some areas are now no man’s land and given a wide berth.



Origin: unveilers of conspiracies

The djinni were first directly in the service of the Last Emperor and acted as his ears and eyes to find sources of division or sedition among his subjects.

Age of Turmoil

They are rarely seen, but it is known that some of the djinni are now employed by powerful figures of the city. There are also rumors that at least one djinn is an independent information broker willing to offer his services to the highest bidder.



Origin: eradicators of plagues

Another great menace for any big city is disease. The efreeti have been given a crucial role in preventing the spreading of plagues. Bonded to the huge complex that is the Crematorium, over the Hill of Wails, the efreeti burns the dead.  Indeed, they also take care of collecting the corpses of the deceased so they’re not left to rot on some back alley.

Age of Turmoil

The efreeti still run the Crematorium, still collect the corpses. What is wrong then? They’ve taken their mission one step further, they root out diseases… By burning sick people. If you’re sick (even an innocuous cold) stay inside, because if an efreet sees you coughing, shivering or whatever, he’ll take you screaming at the Crematorium where… He’ll burn you alive. That’s one way to end diseases, is it not?



Origin: extinguishers of fires

Bonded to cisterns dotting the city landscape, marids have useful water magic and do wonders (literally) fighting fires.

Age of Turmoil

They send their water elementals do the job, less efficiently, it’s true. As for them, they don’t bother anymore, they stay underwater, in the Sacred Lake, some of the more impressive fountains or in the less polluted canals. Cisterns? They have to keep them full, it seems, but more than that? No thanks!

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