Passage Middlemen


The infamous Passage runs under several multi-storied lodgings and is the only direct connection from the Harlequin district to the architectural oddity that is the Folly district. The Middlemen’s gang occupies said passage and its vicinity, blocking access both ways unless, of course, they gain something from it.



The Passage’s Middlemen  gang was under banner (a clique to) of the great Hydra Gang and as such, even the dangerous thugs of the Folly did not dare to challenge their right over this incredibly strategic area they control. Without the Hydra, it is now quite another story. Dangerous days looms ahead. Some bellicose members of the Middlemen are welcoming the action. Those more level-headed though, wonder if their days are counted.

Gang Activities

  • extortion
  • drug selling (++)
  • gratuitous beating
  • control of the Passage (taxing)

Most noteworthy members

Immovable Vé Obar  (male, dwarf):


He’s so wide he can block a goddam boulevard. His feet are like two anchors, firmly attached in the pavement. He’s so heavy, the ground fucking shakes when he walks. Here’s Immovable, the leader of the Middlemen.

Toothless Mac (male, dwarf):


Ba Macbar “Toothless Mac” is an ageing dwarf who’ve been in more brawls than almost anybody alive. His body aches, like constantly, from so much abuse. He’s using all sort of substances to ease the pain. Nevertheless, he’s not among those who wants to quit for a safer territory.

Sabeeluud (female, hobgoblin):


A tall and good-looking gal with striking red hair. She’s not shy at all to using her beauty to gain advantage, be it in a trade deal or to distract an opponent in a fight. She’s a decent enough fighter without using any “tricks”, it’s just more fun.

Falstaff the Fabulist (male, tiefling):


It’s not that he wants to lie. It’s just that, as Falstaff himself will tell you: “truth is overrated”. Maybe it’s got to do with his ability to create magical illusions?

Twice (male, human?):


He’s fast, he’s strong and he’s a tough sonofabitch. He did  the obligatory Passage’s challenge (going through with gang members beating you all the way), did it and back and got out… well, unscathed! He jumped over Immovable, knocked out Toothless (and countless less worthy members), resisted Falstaff’s hypnotic pattern. Hell! He didn’t even stopped at Sabeeluud’s most alluring pose! Who the fuck is this guy? He’s Twice the man you’ll ever be…

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