Alignment for SiT

What do murderhobos need alignment for, I wonder?

But I being affected with Compulsive Theming Disorder….  Here’s a new alignment spectrum for my setting.

Despite contrary evidence, I still naively hope that somehow it will be different next time around…

I find the standard D&D alignment spectrum (law/chaos, good/evil) pretty much pointless, I guess that makes me a hater. Whatever.


The alignment for SiT should help define some of the character’s motives… It’s not  about morality, fuck no!

Here’s how I see things:

  1. clear-cut good vs evil morality is out
  2. thematic, not axiomatic
  • which means, adapting it for SiT: it’s all about dominance, or how one establishes it or reacts toward it

Anarchism versus Elitism


Without any central authority in the City, the powerful truly do whatever they want. I’ll try hard to make it obvious, particularly in the middle stage of the campaign.

  • Is social and economic hierarchy inevitable?
  • Will you actively try to attract the favors of the elite?
  • Given the opportunity, would you become yourself a member of the elite?
  • Or would you rather fight against “the system” and its “masters”?

Diplomacy versus Violence


Very often things will come to violence, but it shouldn’t be always the case.

  • Will your character insists on a peaceful solution?
  • How much efforts (if any) is he ready to make to calm things down?
  • Do the sight of flying teeth makes you happy?



2 thoughts on “Alignment for SiT

  1. This is something I’ve thought about before.

    Why bother with jotting down an alignment at all? What does it actually achieve? Aren’t we supposed to know our character’s morals and values? We’re allowed to stray from the path sometimes or even slowly migrate to another way of thinking. People are complex individuals shaped by experience, nature vs nurture and all that…

    I think this new version is vastly better fitted but still wonder why bother at all?


    • Oh, that kind of stuff is mostly to add flavor to my campaign. It won’t have a real use like say, choosing to be a “Violent Elitist” as an alignment. Leave it blank, I don’t care. Like you said, you’re supposed to know what how your character is thinking and behaving. But having some themes in mind at creation time can help. Maybe.


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