II-Despicable NPCs

Menenthräen (libidinous healer)

“Yeah, yeah I’m a healer but it’s not like I chose to have this gift, you know. Listen, I’m a rich elf, good family, I don’t even need to work. And healing people? Foul seeping wounds, the smell of vomit… And all the fucking cries… No, no, no! It’s too fucking gross. I won’t do it, not for all the gold of the world. Except. Mayyyyybe. You know, life can be lonely. If you have a veeeeery good-looking cousin or something, mayyyyyybe then, I’ll see what I can do. Just stop crying, for fuck sake.”

Sonkth the Killer (psychopath-vigilante)

Some vigilantes fight the gangbangers with their fists, punching some retribution on them. Some go alot further and kill them if they can. But Sonkth… He kills their family members: parents, childs, granny, lover, distant relatives, e-ve-ry single one of them… And then he kills the familyless gangbanger.

The Eyeless Ravisher (Sewer Stalker)

They say he hides in the sewers. He gets out only in the moonless nights. They say his eyes are like two dark pits. He stalks people. If he chooses you, you’ll never be seen again. He’ll bring you to his realm below where he’ll cut you in pieces, slowly. So don’t go out at night, when the moon is dark.

“But, wait! I know of somebody who survived! Fitch! He nearly died of fright. The Eyeless Ravisher was upon him but then Fitch got his firebeetle glands out of his bag and the goddam stalker nearly caught fire and fled! Just like that. I swear on the Last Emperor, just ask Fitch!”



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