Eat your vitamins, it’s good for your hit points!

This one is part of several schemes I have in order to make sure that making money, oddly enough, is seen as worthwhile in my SiT campaign.

How about raising your hit points, by spending more!

Indeed, (the players have to choose weekly for lifestyle expenses (PHb p 157) and it will impact how healthy (possibly adding hit points) their characters will be.

First, remember this rule: Hit Dice won’t be rolled. (PHb p 15)

  • d6 = 4
  • d8 = 5
  • d10 = 6
  • d12 = 7

Here’s the variant I’m introducing in conjunction with lifestyle expenses:

A modest (7 gp/week) lifestyle gives you access to fresh water, healthy food and public baths:

  • +1 hp per HD for the coming week.

A comfortable (1) (14 gp/week) lifestyle gives you access to a gymnasium and the services of a good herbalist:

  • +1 hp per HD for the coming week.


  1. Lifestyles higher than comfortable doesn’t add anything, except that it makes you a pompous jerk.

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