The 4th Tyrant’s Harbingers

One of the fastest growing gang, the Harbingers await fervently the coming of the next Tyrant (the last one died a century ago). The leader of the Harbingers claims he met him on Detention Island, that he was asked to spread the word and recruit loyal followers. While many doubt such outlandish claims, the thing is, there’s no shortage of people who hope for a Tyrant ruling the city. At least there would be some type of Order…



Going on its momentum, the Harbingers have now two cliques under its tutelage: the Vanguard and the Loyalists. This and the fact they make no secret of “converting” the Harlequin District to the cause of the 4th Tyrant means that sooner than later, the Harbingers will clash with other factions.

Gang activities

  • rallies for the 4th Tyrant
  • protection racket
  • extortion>>fundraising
  • propaganda

Most noteworthy members

 Akhram the Unworthy (leader, human male) Another ex-mawcaptain of the Hydra turned gang leader, Akhram returned last year from Detention Island where he purged ten years for the murder of a citizen. He returned from this hellish prison a changed man, a man with a cause. He does insist, with tears in eyes, on how unworthy he is of such trust put on him by his secluded master (if indeed he’s real), but at least for now, it’s clear that he is the leader of the Harbingers.

Zar’Enoch (hobgoblin male) An old friend of the Unworthy, Zar-Enoch is the one who’ve designed the appearance of the Harbingers, with black boots, red sash and all. He’s got flair aplenty, but don’t let his dandy manners fools you. He’s a legit street fighter, many a bone his fist-cane has broken.


Necessary Evil (ghoul female) The enigmatic black-clad ghoul, always half-engulfed in shadows (no matter the lighting) has got out of Detention Island side by side with the Unworthy. She rarely leave the vicinity of the latter and sometimes whisper to his ear. When she does, he always seems intent on listening.

One-Eye Suboto (human male) The gang wouldn’t be half as numerous as it is if it wasn’t for One-Eye’s efforts in recruiting. The scarred man in his fifties knows how to weave stories of greatness, depicting the hoodlums as death-defying heroes with eternal renown.

Dusk (dwarf male) Until recently Dusk was a Night Sentry, a special warrior of the Light, fighting evil creatures lurking in the dark of night. Years of vigilance and hardship have left him weary and praying for a miracle. While he listened to a public speech from the Unworthy, he became convinced that the City needed the firm hand of a Tyrant if it is to survive.

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