Disgrace Ward Roofjumpers

While the Hydra Gang was lording over the Harlequin District, lesser gangs had few options to continue their existence. Most decided to kowtow to the Hydra. Some  chose to fight and of those, very few were not overwhelmed. The last option was to get out-of-the-way and that is what the Roofjumpers have done, with style.

They got to the roofs, only going down on the few profitable occasion, on a hit-and-run kind of way. They also gained a reputation as heroes of the people because they steal almost exclusively from other gangs

To help them, they use some minor magic like  Feather Fall, Jump, Levitate and such.



The Roofjumpers don’t care much about leaving their elevated turf, even if the main reason to be there doesn’t exist anymore. They do have an incentive to let it go though, as they are more and more the target of brutal attacks from gargoyles coming over from the Folly.

Gang Activities

  • Theft at knifepoint (target other gangs)
  • Burglary
  • Kidnapping for ransom
  • Fence

Most Noteworthy members

Corniche (leader: elf, female) Having worked alone as a vigilante for a long time, Corniche isn’t quite sure how she became the leader of the roofjumpers. She never burdened herself with friendship or any association before. The dour elf is very strict on whom to let in but those that pass the many tests learn that Corniche really cares about them.

Haybale (human, male) A fearless acrobat, Haybale is way more cautious when it comes to putting other people in dangerous situations. He no longer have the responsability of testing the rookies with daredevil stunts because, reportedly, he’s too soft on them. He does not miss it, he’s seen enough broken legs for a lifetime.

Pigeon (ghoul, male) Ugly, even for a ghoul, Pigeon had few friends except his beloved birds before he was befriended by Haybale. He’s now an indispensable member of the roofjumpers, providing the gang with dozens of flying onlookers. His reports had saved them from disaster more than a few times.

Tightrope Paruk (goblin) The ageing goblin is not seen in precarious balance between two buildings  anymore but he still boasts of his exploits before the time of magical assistance. Tattoos are for pussies, right?

Tightrope Paruk knows the City above better than anyone else and, being a bit voyeur, has seen quite a few interesting things that he doesn’t mind to share.

Blue Scarf (elf, male) His visage hidden, keeping his true name to himself, it’s obvious that the elf known as Blue Scarf is fleeing from his past. Sometimes, despite his best efforts at slang speech, his language betrays his noble, sheltered upbringing from the Enclave.

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