Nihil Square Bonemongers

A necromancy-themed gang! Yay!

The Nihil Square is a really bad place, it looks like the dumpyard of Hell after a tempest. And the fact that the old Tower of Bones rises at the center, the only structure around not on the brink of crumbling, doesn’t help the reputation of the place.

The Nihil Square, once an open area, is now home to the most desperate of the Harlequin district, living in crowded conditions, in two-storied rickety houses. Amidst them roams the Bonemongers, murderous death cultists not to be trifled with.



The Bonemongers paid lip service to the Hydra while it dominated the Harlequin but it was clear who ruled over the Nihil Square. Whose gonna contain the Bonemongers now?

The Bonemongers have long studied and tested how to kill without being arrested by the Sanction. “Cheating” on what seems to be held as murder and what is not (i.e dying of an infected wound: not murder!).


Gang Activites

  • contract intimidation/beating
  • gratuitous intimidation/beating
  • drug dealing
  • prostitution
  • contract murder

Most Noteworthy Members

Dreadfist (leader: human, male)


The undisputed master of the Bonemongers rules over his decaying turf from the surprisingly lavish highest chamber of the Tower of Bones. They say that his touch steal life energy.

Lord Marrow (ghoul, male)


Strangely, the Nihil Square is not a good place for ghouls. They lose control, even with heavy dose of tincture and become feral. All but Lord Marrow. Strangely, he does not even take any tincture.

Zariba (human, female)


She talks to skulls. No big deal, except… they talk back to her!

Sulpice the Warlock (human, male)


Sulpice’s magic can help against many woes, but then you owe him and that… is not good for your soul.

Gervan the Crow (halfling, male)


Always surrounded by undead minions, the Crow is an imposing figure in the Nihil Square. He’s the one to see first, if someone hopes to deal with the Bonemongers.

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