Humans, very human (among fantasy races)



Almost in every setting in fantasy, humans compared to other races are:

  • more numerous
  • more diverse
  • more versatile
  • that would be because, intrinsically, humans adapt better

It’s anthropocentric. Worst… it’s silly.

But then, how do we negate this bias? I see two solutions (1). One would be to have equally diverse and versatile fantasy races. That raises many problems and beside, it’s too much work. Or, the opposite: lower the humans from their self-put pedestal and… undiversify them?

Diverse? Versatile?

Physically? Yes, why not? Skin tone varies from light brown to bluish black (2). Height and shape varies. Bla bla blah. But not culturally. The humans in SiT came from many places but have been together, first as a chosen people of the Last Emperor (whom they worship to this day) and then in the City, for centuries now and they share the same language and culture. Difference is more marked between social classes than by anything else.

A superstitious bunch

Humans believe so much crap, it’s no wonder some of it happens to be true, eh? It is known, humans are more prone to worship entities, to believe weird things and to attribute agency to everything and anything, even when (most of the time) that doesn’t make any sense. But you know what? In a world where the Will  can manifest as Power, humans have quite an edge.

Humans as character race

Humans in the City come from warrior stock and are the most superstitious folks around. That’s about cover it…

Ability Score Modifiers: + 1 str, +1 dex, +2 wis

Last Emperor’s Grace: As a bonus action, you can cast heroism (only on yourself) as a 1st level spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so after a short or long rest.

  1. I’ve tought about not including humans at all but decided against it.
  2. That’s right, no white skin. Let’s get the fuck out of medieval Europe!

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