Origin: Two races in one

Hobgoblins and Goblins (Hs and Gs) are in fact two form (dimorphism) of the same species. When a female Hobgoblin (Gs are sterile and asexual) gives birth, it’s generally to a litter of one to five tusky babies at a time (newborn have teeth, don’t ask me how they suckle though). There’s much anxiety in the months to come to see if one of the yellow-eyed cutie will turn out to be a taller, stronger, smarter hobgoblin. A vast majority will be part of the pathetic goblins. The difference of treatment from the family (and entire society) between Hs and Gs, even as siblings, is an integral part of this race’s cultural behavior.


Life is unfair

Goblins infanticide is a rather frequent phenomenon (and sadly for Gs, not outlawed). Hobgoblin mothers can have many dozens of childs in their lifetime, there would be just too many goblins to raise, even if priority was not given to the hobgoblins. That means, that those goblins that are not killed in infancy, have a good chance of being thrown out in the streets (often fairly young).

Into the City

Hs and GS in Legacy are descendants of exiles from a since-destroyed decadent empire (1). These exiles made an alliance with the Last Emperor some years before the founding, betraying their own race in so doing. They are one of the four founding races of Legacy, into the city since the beginning (2).


Hs&Gs have a long tradition of drug manufacturing and usage. It’s said that it began with herbalists that made efforts to favor Hs births over Gs’. And also with the painless poisoning of the unwanted Gs when it (inevitably) failed. Drugs where eventually created for a variety of enhancements (fighting enhancement, focus improvement, pain inhibitor, etc) and for recreative usage.

More racism

An unproven data, often cited among elitist circles, has it that the ratio of H/G was once 1 to 2. Which is, of course, alarmingly compared to the current 1 to 10. Furthermore, some would-be savants postulate that the crowded conditions of the City is to blame with a “natural selection” of the less-ressources demanding Gs. This theory doesn’t appease the Hs one bit.


The unlucky, weaker and despised offsprings, Goblins at least, aren’t less smart, but they do lack (most of them) education opportunities. It does means they seldom can prove otherwise. The great majority of them are kicked out in the streets early in their life, if anything, it makes them resilient and opportunistic.

racial traits

Ability score modifier: -2 str, + 2 dex, -2 con, -2 cha

Advantage vs disease

Advantage and resistance vs poison

Drug exposure: not affected by side-effects or drawbacks and cannot overdose.

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