Races in SiT

I’ve managed to write a post on each race that can be played in my homebrewed World/City. The one on humans was the last (I’ve split hobgoblins and goblins later but it was already written). I would be happy to have this behind me but I don’t feel like I’m quite done with it. I think I’ll work on the racial features a little more but for now, let’s do a quick overview of how things stand.

There’s eight races, typical fantasy races but in some cases I’ve meddled so much that hopefully you won’t find much of the usual (boring) conventions.



Dwarves reproduce by fission. There’s no female dwarves (nor males for that matter), just dwarves. Being all so similar to each other, they’re eager to distinguish themselves by whatever means.

Racial Features:

  • Obsydian Sword proficiency
  • A Barrel On Two Legs: Base speed is 25′. In addition, dwarves have advantage on Strength (athletics) checks to resist being shoved/overrunned/grappled (unless opponent is also a dwarf).



The majority of elves lives in the fortified Enclave district, protected from what they consider “less civilized races”. Those that aren’t in the Enclave are Outcasts, living simpler lives, by choice or not.

Racial Feature:

  • Canestick figthing proficiency
  • Such Beauty Should Not Be Marred: Immunity to diseases, resistance to necrotic. In addition, you can spend a reaction to cancel a critical hit against you (but still a hit). once used you must complete a short or long rest to regain this trait.



All ghouls are as they are because they used a powerful medicine called Shroud. It’s a permanent condition that includes flesh-craving among its “side-effects”. Fortunately, it can be controlled by taking yet another medicine (called simply the Tincture).

Racial Feature:

  • Half a Monster:  Immunity to diseases and necrotic damage. In addition, as an action you can spit a stream of foul saliva (10′ range), on a hit the target must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1 round  (as MM). Once used you must complete a short or long rest to regain this trait.



The goblins are the (mostly) undesired and asexual offsprings of the Hobgoblins. They are disadvantaged in many ways and also, notorious dope fiends.

Racial Feature:

  • Toxicity Resistance: Advantage and resistance to poison. In addition, you can ignore one side-effect of a drug, once used you must complete a short or long rest to regain this trait.



After the end of their advanced civilization, great numbers of the Halfling Diaspora made the trip to establish themselves in the City. They lost many technological wonders but they still have their pistols…

Racial features:

  • Weapons proficiency: Pistol
  • You start with the feat Bountiful Luck (Unearthed Arcana): Whenever an ally you can see within 30 feet of you rolls a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can use your reaction to let the ally reroll the die. The ally must use the new roll.




The winners of the genetic lottery have far more access to prosperity than their lesser goblin siblings. Averaging six feet tall (both males and females), physically fit and self-conscious of their superiority since childhood, hobgoblins are generally ambitious, arrogant and driven.

Racial Feature:

  • Saving Face ( volo’s guide)



Humans were the first to be drafted in the Last Emperor’s army. They now worship him as a god. They have many such strange beliefs.

Racial Feature:

Last Emperor’s Grace: As a bonus action, you can cast  heroism (only on yourself) as a 1st level spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so after a short or long rest.



Long ago criminals were punished in an unusual way, receiving a cursed Mark that is also, rather unfairly,  passed to their descendants.

Racial Feature:

  • Written with Letters of Fire: Resistance to fire damage. In addition, you can cast a Tattoo Spell without having to pay the cost in HD. Once you do so, you must complete a short or long rest to regain this trait.


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