Marfark Street Mumblers

This gang has learned over time to achieve very good coordination, helped with efficient (and discrete) communication with their magical face scarves.

A few years ago, some young hoodlums from Marfark Street found (stole) a crate surprisingly light. Its content was unusual: plenty of well-woven scarves. A waste of their time or so they tought at first. But they soon found out that these scarves had a minor but convenient magical power: they could be used to cast the message spell! That sufficed to gave them Attitude and become a true gang.



The Mumblers have grown a lot in power since their first days but even now, they’re not among the most numerous or aggressive gangs. They seem more focused on their martial training and group tactics than on money-making. This makes them less of a urging problem maybe but ultimately, they are difficult opponents.

Gang Activities

  • drug selling
  • prostitution
  • protection racket
  • cockatrice fighting/betting

Most Noteworthy Members

Master Zephyr (leader: elf, male)


An elf outcast, Zephyr always says that things are as they’re meant to be, that the pampered world of the Enclave wasn’t for the like of him. The streets of the Harlequin, for Zephyr, is like a giant training ground, existing for the sake of testing his fighting skills and training those who follow him.

Sobotan “The Crimson Terror” (tiefling, male)


Fearless in  battle, with a cruel bent, Sobotan has done everything to earn his nickname. His savagery is legendary. He blames his tiefling blood for it. Not that he really cares.

Quiet Sethryn (elf, female)

Now that Blue is gone, it falls on Sethryn to remember Zephyr of the Purpose. She fears that without her (and maybe even with her), Zephyr will prepare for centuries, never quite satisfied, before at last accomplishing what they pledged when they left home.

Jokotade “Rumble Joko” (human, male)

Rumble Joko his known for his size and strength but what most overlook is how good a tactician he is too. Only Zephyr can outwit him and hatch better battle plans.

Babrinsah “Bab the Thief”(human male)

Bab is lazy. Bab is a coward. But, Bab found the crate full of magical scarves. In fact he always has these wild, crazy ideas that, perhaps by sheer luck, turns out nicely. So he’s got gang status alright.


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