Hidden Atrium Masks

Actors, singers, acrobats, storytellers, street performers of all kind have united under the Hidden Atrium Masks!


Disgruntled of having to pay taxes and be bullied by gangsters, these ex street entertainers  have banded together and formed their own gang.  The lower echelons are still mostly that, entertainers,  boosting the sales of affiliated merchants with their cabrioles and crowd amusement. The higher ranked Masks, flamboyant as they are, attend to less joyful business, taking their chunk of gangdom in an ironic turn of event.



The Hidden Atrium Masks are nothing if not stylish and exuberant and the core leadership of the gang even more so.  Called Triumphs, these higher Masks are seldom seen in the streets and are all purposefully mysterious figures. They rule the Masks from a hidden lair called the Hidden Atrium, which very few people know the whereabouts.


Gang activities

  • protection racket (merchants)
  • drugs
  • prostitution ++
  • gambling ++

Most Noteworthy members:

Skaramozz, “The Magician” (leader: hobgoblin, male)


It was almost entirely through Skaramozz’s considerable  efforts that the Masks came to be a gang. And he truly infused it with his love of theatrics. Of Skaramozz himself, very few facts can be trusted, being for so long a showman and impersonator have made him a walking enigma.

Demon Arulex (tiefling, male)

An amazingly agile acrobat, this tiefling exaggerates his demonic features with prosthetics and make-up. That does not make him scary looking that much. Unless you see him in battle, then you could actually believe that he’s truly a hellish demon.


Laughing Boy Brighell (human, male)

The brightly clad Laughing Boy has elevated himself above his humble origins with a mix of ruthlesness and charm. The Masks would not have let him be a Triumph if he wasn’t also very efficient at a number of money-making ploys.

Verbose Bergham (elf, male)

Verbose Bergham can’t help himself but lecturing, anyone on hand, on obscure subjects and he goes on and on, oblivious to his listeners’ (quite probable) disinterest. He’s even known to continue declaiming, even in the midst of battle.

Madam Colombina  (elf, female)


Madam Colombina is the owner of the Hour Glass, arguably the most upper class dive of the district.

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