III-despicable NPCs

Gorram the Blade (human, male)


He doesn’t show any gang affiliation, he’s bruised, smelly and in your face asking for your money. And he’s got a blade. The fool’s got a blade! And there, just 30 feet away is a Spectator clearly glaring at this situation you’re in and unsurprisingly, it’s approaching. You stop listening to these unbelievable threats that just pour out of this idiot’s mouth and you wait for the inevitable Spectator‘s intervention. Except that the horrible beast doesn’t intervene, at all.  One more brief glance from a tentacle-eye and he goes away. How is that even possible? And now, well, it’s up to you isn’t it?



The House Coërsce elves don’t like daylight much. Not one bit. They prefer the shady comfort of the Penumbazaar by far. Of course, they do have to deal with the outside world and they do so with help of a throng of agents and proxies. Oladepo is their chief representative in the Harlequin’s district. He’s widely hated for this, in the mind of the locals, being such a sold-out is even worse than being in a gang. Most days, Oladepo doesn’t care and flaunts his riches, provoking even more ire.

Gurumgarak the Mortician


Gurumagarak is an hobgoblin supplier. What he supplies is meat, humanoid meat, which he most often sells to the ghouls of the red dragon gang. He says that he provides an invaluable service to the city, cleaning the back-alleys of the occasional dead body. And so what if some useless goblins were not quite dead (or alive and kicking) before they were turned in morsels for sell?

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