Northwall Creepers

Here’s a little niche for a nature and druidy-themed gang.

The northern border of the Harlequin district is delimited unambiguously by the high walls of the elven Enclave. These 60′ walls are almost entirely covered by vines and lichens, purposefully put there by the elves for their dangerous (and often, magical) qualities. It would be very unwise to try climbing without extreme precautions.



One group actually profits from this lethal vegetation, the Northwall Creepers have acquired a deep knowledge of the plants and harvest the wall for their own uses. Over time they have crafted special recipes of healing draughts, hallucinogens, herbal teas and even spore bombs!

Gang Activities

  • drugs (manufacturing and selling)
  • extortion
  • intimidation jobs

Most noteworthy members

Mistress White Magnolia


White Magnolia developed early in her life an obsession with the wall so near her family’s house. She nearly died at age 11 when she first tried to climb it along with some friends in a foolish challenge. She succeeded 3 years later and is the youngest of the handful who can boast of such a feat. She had spent hundred of hours trying to learn everything she could about the plants and plant-like creatures of the wall, prior to her success.  A sum of knowledge that she used later to establish herself as a feared gang leader.

Ô Hagam “The Inexorable Grasp”


Both a mentor and a burden for the gang’s leader, The Inexorable Grasp discovered many effects of the wall’s flora with his reckless and imaginative testing (and tasting). A true zealot of the Northwall Creepers, for some reason he’s always pushing for expansion. He’s been chastised a couple of times for overstepping himself as he decided by himself to challenge someone else’s territory.

The Green Strangler


As he quit the comfort of his (insipid) earlier life, this elf climbed down the wall and fell in (literally) with bad company. After a rough start in the neighborhood, his unique talents for harnessing green magic has singled him as a rising star of the Creepers.

Urushiola the Rash


Urushiola is the defiant daughter of a highly ranked Council member who, as it happened, voted for “securing” the walls of the Enclave against intrusion. Using the “defensive measures” for her own ends pleases her very much.

Pogak the Composter


Caring and feeding the wall’s plants seemed like something only a deluded mind would do. This was before the strange goblin Pogak was seen communicating with sentient plant-creatures. Since then many Creepers have followed in his steps, but none have a closer relationship or understanding of them than Pogak.


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