Monk and fighter in SiT


It wasn’t planned from the start but it appears that the character classes that I have re-skinned for my setting are all goal-oriented, that is, they are defined by why they do what they do and not really how they do it. I mean, all the PCs will have approximately the same goal(s) in the storyline but the reasons involved will be different. Broadly: the vigilante wants to fight the gangs, the gonfaloniere wants what is best for the people he represents, the hooligan simply wants opportunities for mayhem. And so on.

As for the classes that I didn’t write (or re-skinned) about yet, namely the fighter and the monk, well, what goal could they possibly have? It doesn’t seem like I can follow the same pattern. Their goal is to fight, right? Or more precisely, to win fights.

More importantly, both fighter and monk (along with their multiple sub-classes) can be lumped together as “street fighters”. Forget about ki, kung fu and whatnot. We could say that their focus is different, one more innerly oriented, the other more gritty, etc. That’s really not that important, in my mind.

Also, I think they are the more likely to be multiclassed (monk+fighter), as the ways to refine their arts are numerous.


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