The Fetid Brigade

Pure. Undiluted. STENCH!



The Fetids come out of their lair in the sewers only to raid or harass surface people. Sometimes they bring some of the awful critters that they somehow domesticated while living below.

Gang activities

  • Intimidation and extortion (doing mayhem until receiving enough tribute)
  • Kidnapping for ransom (or sometimes for a more sinister reason)
  • Theft


Noteworthy members

Zum Zabar “Superintendent of Below” (leader, dwarf)

Zum Zabar began his career as an exterminator. He was desperate and reckless enough to go in the sewers to kill or chase off some lurking things down there. After surviving long enough, against the odds, Zum Zabar finally understood that there was easier and more profitable ways of using his special skills. Decades later he now rules over a large chunk of the underground as the self-styled “superintendent”.

Lamahanuh “The Ooze Lady” (human)

Abused in all sort of evil ways in her youth, Lamahanuh is very suspicious of anything that looks like a human being. She prefers oozes. ¬†Just look at the way they move their acid-dripping pseudopods. Oozes are the cutest things ever, aren’t they?

Klomo “the Alcolizer” (goblin)

Fluids everywhere, that’s the resource that an enterprising soul like Klomo can exploit down in the sewers. The “Alcolizer” infamously made the “most disgusting liquor tis side of the world”. But it’s really cheap. And it doesn’t have any side-effects, half the time…

Trashcrawler (ghoul)

You know, covered in grime, most people look like a ghoul anyway. That’s unless you compare them to Trashcrawler. Let’s say, he/she is an entirely different level all by him/herself.

Dedalos “Underminer” Slominid (tiefling)

A long time accomplice of Zum Zabar, Dedalos came up with the idea of causing an infestation and then asking for money to solve the situation. Accordingly, Dedalos is an expert when it comes to know which tunnel is under which housing.

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