Romance of the Three Kingdoms in SiT

If I had to choose a classic on which to model my upcoming campaign of S&T it would undoubtedly be RotTK. A chinese novel written in the fourteenth century by Luo Guangzhou relating events from the third century. Fictional, of course, but not so wildly removed from recorded history.

The very first sentence of the book:

The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.

All I have to do is change the scale from empire to city or more likely, district level. The  multiple, competing warlords are easily replaced by the gangs.


Unity is shattered. There’s turmoil everywhere. Now it’s might makes right. But a few still believe in ancient ideals.

Peach Garden Oath
Let’s not forget the bromance!

At first there’s many factions, as much as twenty. As time goes by, many falls until there’s only three still fighting each other.

Will the PCs be able to prevail and restore China’s unity?

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