The Church of Sempiternal Deprecation

Calling itself a church but in fact, as violence-oriented as any hoodlums’ gang.

Founded by a small cabal of people calling themselves “the Guiltless Ones”, the church has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Its talk of a Golden Age lost through sinful behaviors resonate with many in these times of turmoil.

The symbolic (and powerless) head of the Church, the Burdened Pope,  is the unfortunate bearer of the Mantle of Thousand Unequally Despicable Sins, the Tiara of Probable Culpability, the Staff of Manifest Imperfection and the Ring of Ulcer-Inducing Guilt.



The Church spy extensively on some suspicious (suspicious being often conveniently synonym with antagonism toward the Church or its leaders) figures of the Disctrict to see if they’re “clean”. If they’re not (they never are), it’s the religious duty of the Church to have them publicly chastised (savagely beaten). It’s good for the soul of the accused, they say.

Deprecation Ceremonies are held once a week in the form of a raucous assembly of Deprecators “praying”,  shouting really accusations at each other about the various faults they’ve committed in the past. It is considered extremely  rude behavior (heretical) for the attendees to deny any of it, even if what is said isn’t entirely true (or just plain false).

Gang activities

  • Intimidation (preaching)
  • Extortion (almsgiving)
  • Rallies
  • Pamphleteering

Noteworthy Members

(Guiltless Ones)

Confessor Vestalia  (leader, tiefling female)


The guiltless ones are supposed to be equals but in fact, everybody knows that Confessor Vestalia pulls all the strings. The ultra-charismatic Tiefling has a way with people for sure, very few can resist her, whether she cajoles or subtly threatens.

Menhagash Ugradior the Vicar (elf male)


A former troupe actor, Menhagash certainly knows how to use inspiring speeches and theatrics to great effects. Frail and cowardly, he’s always accompanied by mean-looking bodyguards.

Râ “Golden Râ” Fomar (dwarf)


Golden Râ, a business-savvy dwarf, has helped kickstart the Church with his funds. Some cynical souls have pointed out that it seemed to have paid off: many of his direct competitors have been the target of the church’s slandering (and worse) since then.

Jogmun the Pamphleteer (human male)


Jogmun, helped with little army of scribes, writes incendiary pamphlets denouncing the general decadence of the time and accusing various people who have attracted the church’s displeasure.

Soulknife Seth (human male)


When mere words doesn’t seem enough, Soulknife Seth and his thugs come into play. Brutality ensues.



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