The Scramble

 Weak but numerous. Hit-and-run experts. Vicious. Expendables. Yeah, well… Goblins!

The Scramble was first created as a cooperative of lowly Goblins courriers, running around the district with their packages, trying to make it in one piece. The Hydra gang came to rely on the Scramblers as it began its downward spiral and thus could not properly do its drug distribution itself.



The Hydra’s demise sort of left the Scramble pretty much in control of a large share of the drug market. Of course the other gangs would like a slice of the pie, but they’ll have to catch the fleet-footed Goblins first!

Gang activities

  • drug-selling
  • courriers


Most noteworthy members

Brudok “No Refund” (leader) 

“No Refund” is probably the most well-known Goblin of the district. Influential Goblins are not that common and “No Refund” is the real deal. From uniting these ragamuffins in a competent, money-making crew, to creating a (mostly) respected gang of Goblins, “No Refund” is a hero in the eyes of his underlings.

Zeegak “The Expeditious Knock-Out”

Zeegak is now infamous for his boldness. His favorite tactic is to activate his expeditious retreat tattoo spell to attack full-speed a surprised foe.

Gorool “Wall-Passer”

The number two of the Scramblers is the cautious and stealthy Gorool Wall-Passer. He’s also the primary envoy for major deals.

Nikuk “Death by Darts”

“Death by Darts” is the chief-enforcer of the Scramblers, when fleeing is not an option.

Pravik “Third Hand”

A prankster and bon-vivant, Third-Hand is nonetheless one of the most competent Scrambler. His ability to fool others wiht his creative illusions have saved the skins of his fellow gangsters in more than one occasion.

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