Quick chronology of S&T

That’s DM stuff, which probably means it’s boring stuff… 

First era: The Benevolent Rule

  • 0- Founding of the City by order of the Last Emperor. Dwarves, Elves, Hobgoblins and Humans, in roughly equal parts, takes part in the building above the ruins of an ancient site.
  • 14- Canals are restored. Docks of Lowtown are connected with core of the City.
  • 17-19- Tritons’ Blockade.
  • 23- Dwarves Riots.
  • 31- Edict of the Mark is promulgated. Criminals transformed into Tieflings upon a second offense.
  • 34- The Djinni’s Plot: attempt to murder the Last Emperor fails.
  • 48- Gnolls War. Gold Dragon Splendid Hegemony intervenes on behalf of the City and helps repel the invaders.
  • 57- Last Emperor issues Edict of Forgiveness: Tieflings in Exile are welcomed back in the City.
  • 62- Series of earthquakes known as Srin-Mo’s Discomfort. Consctruction of the Great Sewer begins.
  • 68- The sycophants’ Plot: doppelgängers are discovered in the Last Emperor’s entourage.
  • 72- Last Emperor signs the Entente with the halfing diaspora. Many Halflings settles in the City, in Wheeltown.
  • 77- The Last Emperor dies. He admits to 3 critical failures with his final words (of which only two are widely known).


  • 78- Elves of six noble Houses build massive walls around their District now known as the Enclave.
  • 91- Draughts and Famine.
  • 100- Plague of the Century. Ghouls packs roam the streets.

Second Era: the Three Tyrannies

  • 102- Mogadon elected as Lord Mayor. He will be remembered as the Bloodthirster
  • 105- Creation of the Sanction, a force of Beholders upholding the Law.
  • 112- Red Orphan’s rebellion.
  • 124- Mogadon is killed by a tyrannicides’ cell.
  • 146-151 The Purge: tyrannicides kill each other
  • 157- Year of Chains. Second Tyrant Skrogamax begins his rule. He will be remembered as the Mad Architect.
  • 159-167- District the Folly is built above the eastern marshes.
  • 172- Skrogamax dies. Obulazon, his former advisor, becomes Third Tyrant. He will remembered as  Lord Longshadow.
  • 178- Rebellion of the Hydra: cut one head and two more is a reference to the tenacity of the rebels.
  • 179- Hydra rebels kills the Third Tyrant.

Third Era: Gangdom

  • 181- Despite the wishes of some of its leaders, the Hydra fails to disband and establishes itself as the ruling entity of the Five Stones District.
  • 185- Meenlocks Surge: the Puulchusera elves are to blame with their corrupting magic. They leave the Enclave in shame.
  • 191- Hydra’s “godfather” dies, the resulting power vacuum leads to turmoil in the Five Stones.
  • The Retribution: vigilantes attack Hydra members.
  • 194- The Hydra Gang collapses, numerous smaller gangs takes its place.
  • 197- Present.

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