Fate’s Favorites

They always seem to have the upper hand against their rivals. Is Fate really on their side, as they claim?

The Fate’s Favorites’ members can be recognized by the blue feathers they wear on their yellow bandanas. About half of its members are hobgoblins,

A minor clique of the Hydra before the latter’s demise,  the Fate’s Favorites are now clearly on the rise and are attracting new recruits every day.



After beating down a few rival gangs and making some alliances, the Fate’s Favorites are indeed in a favorable position. Recruitment is going well and a  clique (the Inheritors) has been started to test the mettle of the newish prospects.

Gang activities

  • extortion
  • protection racket
  • intimidation
  • prostitution
  • augury services

Most noteworthy members

Udulkalam the Magnificient (leader, hobgoblin male):


The eccentric leader of the Fate’s Favorites have known many shifts in fortune in his life. Worshipped as a hero at a time and hunted by virtually everyone at another, he’s always been a controversial figure. A rival once said that Udulkalam has two personalities – both of them evil. Now, his star is shining brightly yet again. But for how long?

Sigamil “The Stare” (hobgoblin male)


Udulkalam’s younger brother, Sigamil had have his life pretty much decided for him since his youth. Not that he minds, but it did give him a very unconcerned approach to… well, everything.

Haradlugal “Most Opportune” (hobgoblin male)


Udulkalam’s nephew, Haradlugal made sure since the beginning that he does not look like he’s benefited in any way from his lineage. His usefulness to the gang as been proven time and time again, with jobs mostly on the dirty side of morality.

Loom To’har “Inconvenient Truth” (dwarf)


Equally dangerous with his hands and wits, Loom To’har is a long-time associated of Udulkalam and an expert blackmailer. He often boasts that his threats are never empty.

Yaadida “Serene Bloodshed” (hobgoblin female)


Serene Bloodshed Yaadida long tought that she would have been happier being born a male, or more precisely: a big hulking brute of a male. But having beating to pulp quite a few of those overconfindent fools have changed her mind on the subject…



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