VII-Bestiary: Household spirits

The Bestiary: where I take monsters from the manual and explain them my way…

There’s like an infinite variety of household spirits in folktales all over the world. These little critters are fucking everywhere.


Most are somewhat helpful squatters that occasionally do some menial chores, on the condition that the house is properly tended by its more mundane inhabitants. Most are also prone to mischief, to show its displeasure or just because of its nature.

For my purpose,  normal (kind-of) household spirits are *coughs* gnomes.

Wait… Lolwut?

Yeah gnomes. And no you can’t pick gnome as your character’s race unless your idea of rpg fun is sweeping the floor or fixing a doorknob…


A modern household spirit

Gnomes aren’t the only household spirits around in S&T. Derelict dwellings, particularly larger ones, can be plagued by a much more nefarious variety: meenlocks.


And meenlocks never come alone. Their sheer malice often force neighboring people to move out and then the emptied tenements are in turn new breeding grounds for these dangerous pests.

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