The benefits of smoking (in a fantasy world)

In my continuing efforts to push the boundaries of silliness ever further I present to you: fantasy tobacco!

Smoking has never been so judicious!

Ahhh. The joys of childhood…

Duskbloom  Tobacco

Yes Albert, if you say so.

Also called the « Third Eye Tobacco », you must use a pipe to gain its benefits otherwise it doesn’t work. Go figure. Smoking duskbloom tobacco has a positive effect on problem-solving and overall thinking.

Effects:  You gain advantage on intelligence skills checks for one hour.

Average price: 3cp for 12 uses

Grave-cured Tobacco


Air-dried in the long disused Best Forgotten massgrave, grave-cured tobacco is smoked mostly by the Vestige residents for its vaunted power of warding evil spirits, useful in this sad neighborhood. Outside of the Vestige few folks, except perhaps those with an intense superstitious inclination, feel the need to pay its steep cost.


  • Undead have disadvantage on attack vs smoker up until one hour after consuming.
  • Blowing smoke at an undead (5′), as an action, triggers a turn undead as a level 5 cleric, dc 13

Average price: 5sp for 12 uses

Mephitic Tobacco

How it came to anyone to consider Mephitic Tobacco as a possible source of enjoyment is puzzling to say the least. You cannot call this an aroma, or even, an acquired taste. Even long time users (there’s a few of these knuckleheads around) acknowledge the sheer foulness of Mephitic Tobacco.


  • If chewed: If you chew Mephitic (daily, for at least a month) you gain the ability to cast the poison spray cantrip.
  • If smoked: Take 1d4 poison damage.  As an action, you can summon a smoke mephit. It appears beside you and obey your commands (but not without making obnoxious comments) for one minute before disappearing.


Average price: 2 sp for 12 uses


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